Feb 08

The Iconic Red Dress – Sexy and Alluring For All Seasons

red Dress Fashion Show

Every woman should own a bright red dress. The color red says ‘look at me!’ and ‘yes, I can’ or maybe even ‘yes I will.’ The color red sparks in us an enthusiasm and energy that increases the heartbeat and protects us from stress and fear. We are driven by centuries of cultural conditioning that has associated the color red with sex. Think “Scarlet woman,” “red light district,” “lady in red.” Think of the iconography of Valentine’s day; of the dingy red bulbs that wink down apocryphal alleyways to the client of the peepshow and the brothel.

First of all I want to say that anyone can wear a red dress and feel great in it no matter the color of your hair, your skin tone or your dress size. With a red dress, you’ll feel sassy, bold, alive, beautiful and little bit naughty 😉 And did you also know that the color red has been scientifically proven to elevate your self-confidence? Yup, it’s definitely a must-own look and an indispensable piece for your wardrobe.

Choosing the Little Red Dress

Select a Dress Style That Flatters Your Body Figure

The best length for a red dress is at the knee or shorter unless you have an Apple body shape. It shows more of your legs and make you look taller and leaner. Calf-lengths are a bit tricky because they tend to overpower most body figures — not to mention that it tends to make petites look frumpy.

Know What Type of Necklines and Cuts Suit Your Body Shape

Select details that accentuate your best assets and conceal the ones you’re self-conscious about. A V-neck is universally flattering.

Choose the Right Red Color For Your Coloring

The right shade of red is crucial to looking your best in a red cocktail dress. Blueish-red flatters cool skin tones (Winter and Summer, while yellow/orange colored reds suit warm skin tones (Autumn and Spring).

cool red dresses

From left: Blue red, burgundy, clear red, true red

warm red dresses

From left: Tomato red, deep red, clear red (on light peachy skin tones)

Click here to discover your best colors.

Opt For a Versatile Dress Style

If you’re on a budget and want to be able to wear the same dress multiple times for various occasions — then buy a red dress in a timeless style. Like for example a basic knee-length V-neck dress with short or three-quarter sleeves.

simple and classic red dresses street style

Securing a simple dress makes it easier for you to create various fashion looks with it! Use scarves, jewelry and shoes to reflect your personal style.

This is a personal favorite that I just purchased from City Chic because the styling has that definite Mexican flavor and the strappy sandals give it just the right touch.

Border flock dress from City Chic

Wearing the Little Red Dress

There are also several ways to accessorize this red-hot piece. However, I recommend you to go light on the extras as the color is already eye catching enough.

If you decide to go for the whole fashion look charade, try to imagine an outfit theme that you want to create with the dress. For example: Do you want to look glamorous? Classy? Bohemian?

Accessorize it for the occasion

For example if you’re attending a semi-formal event — go classy and minimal on the accessories. But you can turn up the heat when you’re out clubbing by adding the extra sparkles and trendy shoes. Here are some ideas from Wikipedia.

Lastly, a video of crossdresserrs in red dresses