Jul 20

Just Minutes To Create A Fabulous Outfit

Putting together a stylish outfit doesn’t have to be tricky, but if you don’t do it everyday, as most crossdressers don’t, or don’t particularly have a sense of style and know how to combine the style elements, or maybe just don’t want to be bothered with fashion, then here is a simple formula that you can use over and over to create all different kinds of outfits (thanks to Imogen Lamport of Insideoutstyleblog)

Whether you have a few clothes or closets of clothes; whether you have clothes that you wear all the time or some that are closet hangers, we’ll help you create something new from what you already own so you don’t get stuck and unsure what to put together. This basic formula will work for you time and time again.

Outfit Formula for Putting Together a Fabulous Outfit in Minutes

Your formula is as simple as this:

Basic  + Interest + 3rd Piece/statement + Accessories


See the Outfit Formula in Action

White and Green Outfit

white and green outfit

Basics: Jeans and knit tops in baby pink and emerald green

Interest: White jacket

Hero: Floral scarf

Accessories:  Boots and ring

Burgundy and Navy Outfit

Burgundy and navy outfit

Basics:  Navy denim skirt, navy tights, long sleeve top

Interest: Burgundy knit with frill detail at cuff and  hem

3rd piece/hero: Scarf,

Accessories:  Knee high boots, watch and earrings

Navy, Grey and Green Outfit

navy, gray and green outfit

Basics:  Jeans, long sleeve navy knit

Interest:  Grey off the shoulder tunic

Hero:  2 Necklaces in green

Accessories:  Knee high boots, bracelets, rings

Violet and Teal Outfit

Violet and teal outfit

Basics:  Denim jeans, long sleeve teal knit

Interest: Teal patterned scarf

Hero: Violet waterfall cardigan

Accessories: Belt, Knee High Boots, Umbrella

Teal and Blue Outfit

teal and blue outfit

Basic: Long sleeve teal knit tunic

Interest: Leather-look embellished leggings

Hero: Scarf

Accessories:  Boots and rings

Blue, White and Grey Outfit

blue, white and grey outfit

Basics: Blue top

Interest: Unusually constructed grey skirt

Hero: Blue and white topper

Accessories: blue shoes, necklace, belt, bracelets

Burgundy and Teal Outfit

burgundy and teal outfit

Basic: Teal slip

Interest: Red bead necklace

Hero: Burgundy and teal kimono

Accessories:  Sandals, bracelets, earrings

Black and White Outfit

black and white outfit

Basic: Black knit pants

Interest: Striped tee

Hero: Zebra kimono

Accessories: ballet flats and butterfly necklace, bracelets

Trying my hand at creating a fabulous outfit, here is one that I put together several years ago for a presentation at West Virginia University… simplicity at its best.

LBD outfit

Basic: Little black dress

Interest: Silver and black woven necklace

Hero: Print kimono (given by wife)

Accessories: Black kitten pumps, bracelet, rings, dangle earrings, and watch

In Summer you may leave out either a basic or interest piece, particularly if you’re wearing a dress that may be a hero in itself.

Now you have the formula so now is the time to try putting together some new outfits. I periodically drag my clothes out of the closet, hang them on a rack and put together new combinations. This Weekly Outfit Planner from the Insideoutstyle blog is a great tool to help you

There’s more from Sister House on its Pinterest Putting It Together board. Then look at the other boards too for lots of great outfit ideas

This article based on a post from Imogen of Insideoutstyleblog.com. Imogene provides additional guidance on the style elements to consider when choosing your clothes so you may want to take into consideration things like:

All the elements of the style puzzle are important when choosing the garments that live in your closet and you wear each day. For some more great ideas, read Imogene’s article on Wardrobe Planning.