Verbal Collisions

Established Fact:   Men interrupt far more often than women, especially when they’re talking to a woman.   The numbers vary from study to study, but the conclusion is always that men are the major “interruptors”.    ( I once read an article that put it as high as 95%)

11113092_sFor our purposes, what the exact number is doesn’t really matter.   What is important, though, is to consider what this information means for TGs.    Does this kind of male-predominant behavior disappear when you’re in femme mode, or is it so deeply ingrained that it comes along for the ride even though you’re wearing a fantastic outfit and getting appreciative looks?

Many a southern mama has told her daughter “Pretty is as pretty does”, and this is a perfect example.   The best outfit in the world can’t compensate for bad manners.   I know there are exceptions, but they’re usually Hollywood personalities who savour any news mention, including negative ones.    For most of us mortals, we lose points if our behavior isn’t in keeping with expectations.

The world still has different standards for men and women.    We might wish it were otherwise, but the reality is that our stereotypes run deep and don’t easily disappear.   A man in an expensive business suit who constantly interrupts is “assertive”, but a woman in a beautiful dress who does the same will be considered rude.

When you’re out in public and feeling great about your looks, it’s important that your behavior not compromise the impression you’re leaving, and one way to prevent that is simply to leave the interruption gene at home.   Being a good conversational partner is similar to driving in that, before entering the 12124395_s(conversational) lane, be sure there’s an opening.   If you simply go whenever it pleases you, you’re going to have a verbal collision, better known as an interruption.   If you’re talking with a woman, there’s a good chance that she’ll cede the way, but her thoughts may be less than complimentary.   As someone once said sarcastically, “Excuse me for interrupting the beginning of your sentence with the middle of mine.”

Becoming more conscious of the tendency to interrupt is a win-win situation.  Not only will your behavior be more in keeping with your looks while in femme mode, but you may find that, while in male mode, the women in your life have one less reason to glare at you.

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Astrid is our in-house etiquette expert. She comes from an environment where traditional manners were the rule – where tables were always set completely and where women never appeared at the dinner table in anything but skirts. While she actually knows the difference between a pastry fork and a dessert fork, we will be using her for more down-to-earth questions that arise in today’s more casual life....

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One thought on “Verbal Collisions

  1. Bravo! Well said!
    You are our “ambassadors” of the CD community and represent all of us who are out in public.
    If you are going to dress the part, acting proper is the only way to change those perceptions of those who think we are perverted, deviant, or mentally misaligned.
    We are people, just like them, who want to be accepted and liked in a positive light.
    Be graceful, polite, and loving….be kind to others.
    Your kind of “Paying It Forward” to the next crossdresser who walks in your footsteps!

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