Acceptance is our Key Issue

This is a reprint from an article in the Australian Gay News Network written by  Kristyana Finch on Adelaide’s trans community. I believe it has application for all of us.

kristyana-finchKristyana Finch from the Carrousel Club says Adelaide’s trans* community must unite.

As a person of the gender diverse community and considering myself as transgender, I have a desire to be a part of a community of people. When I came to what we loosely call a community I was struck by the lack of structure and cohesion. I visited forums and I read of the community and its people, of the need for action on matters the members found important. I duly noted and commented on the lack of cohesion and communication then questioned if we truly had a political voice.

Unfortunately I didn’t find one that represents a community, only individuals and small groups claiming a position of leadership or representation. This is not to say they’re not going to have an understanding of what issues befall us, only that they don’t truly represent. Let’s say this, if one person is acting alone, on the behalf of others or if it is a small group of like minded people, they are likely to be representing their own respective beliefs on the importance of matters. In other words, not the community. These are however people who are not giving up on fighting the experience they had to endure.

Now many people battle with their gender diversity for it is deemed socially unacceptable. Having spent an inordinate effort to hide it or deal with the reality, when the self acceptance comes and the individual is finally able to be themselves, often they just want to put it all behind them. In doing so they often withdraw from the gender diverse community to ensure that there’s nothing to disturb the new-found peace.

The problem is that they are at peril of being excluded from the decisions that may well affect their life. As an individual when things are not going so well you find that you are alone. Though you may want to be normal, whatever that is, when you withdraw you take your experiences and knowledge with you and leave yourself vulnerable. Living life is rarely a smooth ride; with the weight of community on your side your road can be easier. With the knowledge and experience we each have there is little reason for others to repeat our mistakes or for those who want to represent us to fail us.

So to my original question, do we really care? If I refer the question to community it appears we don’t. The constituents of the community apparently have little interest in expressing themselves in public forums, and those who wish to represent seem to have little interest in consulting, for they know what needs to be done.

I am actually going to say that I do care! I don’t know all the answers nor everyone’s opinions; I do have opinions and am willing to share those and pay heed to the opinions of others. I can change my views through the arts of discussion and debate. But I believe that true community should be the first thing you think of before yourself and your opinions. I believe we need to be as one in community, pull together and discuss that which is imperative to us all.

I humbly suggest that acceptance is our key issue: from there we will gain equality, respect and finally inclusion. We stand against ourselves when we fail to solve these very issues to celebrate the community we are. Diverse we are, united we should be!


One thought on “Acceptance is our Key Issue

  1. So what do you do when you don’t fit in with those that don’t fit in??
    That’s really depressing….

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