The Power of Being You

The power of being you has come of age. Caitlyn Jenner coming on the scene as a transgender woman has captured the public like no other celebrity. She has taken over the media with her images and her story of who she is and what she sees for the transgender community. People are watching her closely as they join her in her journey into womanhood. For many cross-dressers and transgender women, she has become a role model for the transgender community.

Caitlyn has been a star her entire life. As Bruce, she was a world-class athlete, spokesperson, actor and reality star. Jenner has a history in front of the camera which makes her even more watchable because she is so good at being a star. She was made for being in the public eye.

Yet, what does make Caitlyn so special? Sure, she looks great, especially for a 65 year old transgender woman. She has a gorgeous face, a long lean and toned body and a sense of humor that contributes to her sex appeal. You can’t help notice her and even if you don’t like her, you still want to read about her.

Caitlyn being happy_opt.pngBeneath her carefully applied make-up and carefully staged reality show, is a person who emotes true happiness. She generally looks like she is finally comfortable in her own body and mind. I suspect that her ability to be on stage as a woman is what she has always wanted. She loves the stage and being able to show the world her femme identity is the source of her strength.

What is enviable for many cross-dressers and TG girls, is that Caitlyn has the freedom to be out as a woman. She is freed from hiding in the shadows and dressing in the privacy of her own home. She can now come out and be who she the woman she has been hiding for many years. Caitlyn has been freed from oppression.

Ralph Waldo Emerson on being authenticMost of the transgender community still lives in hiding. Too old, too young, too afraid and too poor, they say to come out. Yet, the price you pay by not being able to fully express yourself takes an enormous toll on your well-being and the ability to live an authentic life. There is a price to pay for many as to do so could destroy your marriage, relationships with your children, friends and other family members and you may have to find yourself a new career, if coming out threatens your current job situation.

lonely crossdresserToo big of a price to pay, many of my cross-dressing friends say, yet they are living a dual life, not sharing their lives with their significant other’s. It is still a lonely life for many of you who want more freedom to express your femme self. And only you can decide for yourselves if the price for you being you is too big to pay.

Can you afford to get divorced if your wife finds out or disagrees with the level of expressing your femme self or actually decide you more than self-identify as a woman but rather are a transwoman? Many say they can’t, yet are unhappy in their current situation living through Caitlyn rather than living their own lives.

path to happinessIsn’t it better being honest with yourself about what you want out of life and in living your life as you desire to be true to your authentic self? No one can live your life for you and you are the only one who can determine what makes you happy. There is, of course no easy answers, yet taking the first step toward setting up a life that gives you joy rather than pain, is the path to being who you were meant to be.

The joy for all of us, is to be comfortable with who we are and to life being true to ourselves. That’s what makes Caitlyn so special, she’s accomplished this and is being her authentic self even in the false world of reality shows.

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