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voice feminization y NinaVoice feminization is becoming a hot topic in the transgender community with the recent visibility we’ve gained through the many TV shows like “I Am Cait” and “I Am Jazz”.  I first learned of Nina through Vicki LaFontaine of the Pathways group who had high praise for her. Nina is a west coast gal but visits the NY/NJ area frequently. So I decided to contact Nina as my research shows me that our voice is the single most difficult obstacle to presenting in our true female identity. Voice feminization then becomes a priority for all of us that venture outside our support groups and want to be accepted by the general public.

We offer many resources on Sister House, but the bottom line is that a voice coach will help you achieve the best and most long lasting results. Nina is a coach who has proven results working with those of us in the cross-dressing and transgender community.

Nina has developed the Female Voice Club that will work for women around the world, of every age, in every stage of transition, who were born with all kinds of voices.

Unlike other programs, Nina tells you How It Works and What You Get in the program and spells out the results that you can expect. No other program will do this.

This 17 minute audio interview with Nina explains how the Female Voice Club can change your life.


female voice club results

Still not sure if this program is for you, then check out these testimonials and be sure to follow Tasi as she takes and talks about each of her lessons in her My Voice Feminization Lessons. Here’s what Georgina from New York had to say about the program.


Or this testimonial from Abbey Rae in Akron OH

testimonial 2

So join the Female Voice Club today and be on your way to a rich, vibrant female voice.

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