The Vanity Table

If you should decide to become a “Vanity Vixen”, be aware that many of the cute vanities sold are geared to smaller women. My wife is 5’9, and she finds many vanities uncomfortable. The mirrors are too low for her to look straight forward and see herself fully, the knee hole is too low or too narrow, or the drawer storage space is doll-size.

Here are three vanities that are “adult” size. The first one is available in black or cherry and is the top seller in this category. The second, also in cherry, is the same general style but is 4 inches higher and a bit better quality. The third is the all-out glamour style with black iguana upholstery. It’s a full 56 inches and has a Hollywood-style lighted mirror reaching to 78 inches. Has the best storage, but it’s also quite pricey so won’t be for everyone.

43 x 19 x 54

Same thing in cherry:

44 x 18 x 58

56 x 17.5 x 78


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