Bad Fashion – 80 Fashion Disasters You Swore You Never Wore

Bad FashionBy Richard Jarman

Having been raised as a teenager in the 50s, I’ve experienced most of these trends. And whereas my focus is on women’s fashion, the author takes a good poke at the guys too. Why this book is interesting is because so many of the fashions from past eras are being resurrected in today’s fashion. One can always say that Americans have no fashion sense and this book would certainly support our lack of taste. Of course I don’t agree with all of it. Mini-skirts, platform heels and track suits are not going away no matter how silly they look on some of us.

As a table book at a dinner party, it will certainly garner a lively conversation with a lot of laughs even as we laugh at ourselves. It’s worth picking up just for the humor as will be evidenced as you read the authors captions.

Amazon rates it at 4 stars. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5

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