Profile of a Crossdresser

Section I will focus on what is crossdressing and why do we crossdress. That is followed by some recent statistics about the LGBT community from a Williams Institute study and specifically those that identify as transgender. The section ends with a survey from Laura’s Place dating back to 1999 but still considered valid today on the demographics of a crossdresser. I think you will find it interesting.

Let’s begin with a A Raw Glimpse Into The Emotional Lives Of Transgender Women. This film was shot at the Espirit conference in Port Angeles, WA and tells the story of the conflicted women that we are

emotional lives of transgender women

Do I tell or not – the classic dilemma by Kathy Hamilton for Suddenly Fem followed by this blog post from Cici Kitten, also of Suddenly Fem, on How To Come Out As Trans Or a Crossdresser   

Then this recently published video from Rachel Rollins on the Crossdresser’s Ten Commandments brings together the many issues of coming out to our wives which are also discussed in our post on The Wives Speak Out

Then Juliette Noir, a British girl,  has a great video about how she discussed Juliette with her closest family members and a how she dealt with these difficult situations.

Then we turn to a more general view on the subject with these offerings:

Theories on Crossdressing and Transgender Issues, author unknown

Crossdressing and transgenderism is generally associated with gender dysphoria but not all transgender people have dysphoria – and here are 6 reasons why that matters. It’s important to understand that we can live normal lives and still be both male and female with transitioning. This is essential to our knowledge of who we are.

An Intellectual View of Crossdressing by Vivienne Marcus, a most interesting and pointed view of crossdressing by a New Zealander who has an unusual ability to make sense of what we do.

My Life As A Girl by Stephan Burt, a Harvard professor, is one of the best essays I’ve read on being a crossdresser when he says, “I’m a man, but I like dressing up as a woman, in women’s clothes, wearing lipstick and bracelets and bright rings and women’s shoes” No pretensions. Just the fun of dressing and looking and feeling feminine.

Just a Crossdresser, by Miqqi Alicia Gilbert, PHD. We are not always taken seriously by the LGBT community and Mikki explains why.

And Juliette Noir again with What is the most common misconception of CD/TG people?

True life stories of transvestites (crossdressers) and their wives in this UK film brings home the realities of who were are and what we do….not to be missed

Explaining Crossdressing to the Public followed by Are You a Crossdresser or a Fetish-Dresser.     by Teri Lynn Richards. Teri is a retired police officer now living in Las Vegas.

How Many People are LGBT

Survey of Cross-dressers from Yvonne’s Place (1999)

Men in Dresses.  In 1995 the author and cross-dresser, Dr. Vernon Coleman, made a survey of cross-dressers in the UK. The European Medical Journal Special Monograph On Transvestism/Cross-dressing was based on questionnaires which were completed by 414 British males during July and August 1995 and on written communications from over 600 other British males during the same period. There are 15 questions with extensive commentary by Coleman and responses from cross-dressers. This study differs from the one above at Yvonne’s Place.

A summary of Coleman’s findings is here and the complete unabridged survey Men in Dresses is here.

Here’s a  realistic view of cross-dressers from the ladies of the Seahorse Society, NSE, Sydney, Australia. The Seahorse Society is similar to Tri-Ess in the U.S. and the Beaumont Society in the UK.

Cross-dressers You Should Meet is a growing roll call of crossdressers who are facing the challenges of living the TG lifestyle while maintaining a loving family relationship. Each of these ladies has a similar but still unique story that you can relate to as the CD or the spouse.

Helene Barclay is an interesting woman who self-identifies as a transvestite and obviously loves to dress. She is not only attractive, but thoughtful as well which you can see on her You Tube channel. Helene has done a series of interviews with well known cross-dressers, including our very own V.era Wylde. Helene started her series by interviewing herself and then others in this series of T-Chats. They are well worth watching and perhaps will provide you some insight into your own mystical magical journey.

T-Chat – Helene with Helene

T-Chat with Sarah Rose

T-Chat with Vera Wylde

T-Chat with Cristy Garcia


Vera WyldeSection II is a series of You Tube Videos by Vera Wylde and Juliette Noir, Vera is a self-professed crossdresser and drag burlesque performer/model from the New England area. She’s spent a few years tearing up the town in NYC but now she’s settled down in the woods of Vermont with a wife and she’ll never stop being glamorous as hell!

Juliette, a British gal, is a crossdresser that like many of us is comfortable as both male and female and represents the mainstream view on this site.

The first part of the series is in the How To section as it addresses all the elements of how to crossdress. The second part of the series is here and addresses many of the issues that we have as a crossdresser The videos are  provided through the courtesy of Vera Wylde and Juliette Noir. Vera is on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Flickr,

Dear Vera – Are You Treated Differently When You Cross Dress?

Dear Vera:  Giving Up Dressing for a Relationship

Ask Me Anything – What if you were told to stop dressing? 

Dear Vera:  Nervous Over Being Seen

Juliette’s Ask Me Anything – Aren’t you ever scared of being out in public? 

Dear Vera:  Full Time Dressing

Dear Vera:  Public Confrontation

Dear Vera:  Cross Dressing Feelings

Dear Vera: Does Using Feminine Voice Ever Become Natural?

Dear Vera:   Is Cross Dressing an Addiction?

Dear Vera:   When to Come Out

Dear Vera:  Finding Acceptance

Dear Vera:  Dressing For My Fiance

Dear Vera:  Giving Up Dressing for a Relationship

Dear Vera:  Finding Platonic Dressing Friends

Dear Vera:  Crossdressing Legal Concerns

Dear Vera:  Crossdressing and Parenting

Dear Vera:   Parenting a Crossdressing Child

Dear Vera: Nervous Over Being Seen

Dear Vera: Public Confrontations

Dear Vera: Do You Make People Uncomfortable?






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