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TG Support Groups – Global

These are transgender support groups that we have identified globally. They are listed by country or state with either direct information or a link to another site with the information. If you know of others or want to be included, send your details to info@sisterhouse.net. We add to the list as time permits as the research required is extensive.

I frequently get asked. “How do I find……”  so here are some quick answers.

GLBT Near Me will help you locate facilities or organizations near a specified city.

LGBT Centers will help you locate LGBT organizations globally.

URNOTALONE is a large TG social organization with a search capability that allows you to find individuals near you.

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Transgender Support Group (forming), Prescott, AZ. Contact Dr Wendy McCord, Phone 480-540-0074. Meetings 4th Sunday of each month, 2pm. First meeting Feb 23.








CHIC Cross-dressers Heterosexual Intersocial Club. CHIC is based in the Los Angeles County area of Southern California and the majority of their meetings are centrally located in or around the city of Long Beach. Their members live in the surrounding areas for the most part and stretch from Ventura County in the north to San Diego in the south.


Connecticut -.




Delaware Renaissance. Talleyville, DL, Contact: info@delren.org. Meets 2nd Saturday monthly

































Maintransnet   Westbrook Maine  Contact:  mtn@mainetransnet.org  Meets  3rd Wednesday of the month, 7:00-8:30pm




TG Detroit     Detroit Invasion events quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)









New Hampshire

Transgender New Hampshire (web only)

A compiliation or transgender  resources in New Hampshire

New Jersey

Pathways Bergen County, NJ, Contact: sunnimoss@verizon.net Meets 2nd Sat monthly

We are a support group dedicated to the support of the entire transgender community. This includes anyone that identifies as TG in anyway. We welcome crossdressers, transsexuals, FtM, MtF, intersex, or anyone else seeking the support and community of their peers

New Mexico

New York

Crossdressers International, New York, NY. Crossdressers International  is a member-supported adult transgendered group focused on support and social activities, serving the New York City metropolitan area. CDI’s founders envision was as an all inclusive, welcoming haven for those seeking to come to terms with their transgendered nature. While the majority of our members and friends identify as cross dressers, we have served as a refuge for those who identify as transsexual, drag queen, and gender queer as well.

Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Assoc, Poughkeepsie NY Contact: On site, Meetings: see Calendar MHVTA’s principal mission is to provide outreach and support for our members, their families, their friends, and to be active in the Transgender Community and the greater North Carolina

North Dakota




Cleveland Transgender Association     Facebook group only

Crossport. Cincinnati, OH. Contact:  crossportcincy@yahoo.com  or 513-344-0116, Weekly meetings for support and social purposes. Crossport is a non-profit social support organization serving transgender individuals in the Greater Cincinnati and surrounding area, including partners, families, friends, and other allies.

The Crystal Club.  Columbus, OH  Contact: (614) 214-4828.  Email not in service. Meets at Slammers and/or the Diversity Club. The Crystal Club is a non-profit support group for crossdressers, transsexuals, female impersonators, and other transgender individuals.  Spouses and significant others are welcome and are encouraged to participate. Both male-to-female and female-to-male individuals are welcome.

Dayton Valley GEMS.  Dayton, OH   Contact:  caroltgirl@yahoo.com.  This club is here to support the Transgendered world. We are open to CD’s, TS’s, M to F and F to M. We also support the Significant Others for any TG folks. The intent of this group is to HAVE FUN, RESPECT OTHERS AND LEARN.



Rose City T-Girls, Portland OR




Renaissance Transgender Association. Includes monthly magazine, resource papers and publications, and information on membership, chapters and affiliates, forming a support group and their speakers bureau.

Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Wayne PA. Contact: info@ren.org. Meets 3rd Saturday monthly

Renaissance of SE Pennsylvania (ROSE),

Lancaster PA Chapter Contact: President@yahoo.com Meets 2nd Friday Monthly

York, PA Chapter. Contact: ceedee578@aol.com Meets 3rd Saturday monthly







Rhode Island



South Carolina

South Dakota




Tennessee Vals     Nashville TN,  Contact: (Vickie)  membership@tvals.com  Meet: 2nd Sat (6-9pm)  Call 615-664-6883 for more information

The Tennessee Vals is social and support group for transgender persons. If you consider yourself to be transsexual, transgender, a transvestite, a cross dresser, intersex, androgynous, or any other type of gender bender, you might want to consider attending one of our meetings. We are the largest transgender support group in the Mid South. Our meetings provide socialization, support, and a program of interest to the transgender community.



United Kingdom

A listing of known UK transgender support groups

Repartee, A British TG print magazine that has now gone online. Martine Rose, the Founder, has been online since 1989 and Repartee is the most well known TG magazine in the UK and beyond

tvChix, an association for transgender in the UK








West Virginia









Oct 25

The Man in the Red Velvet Dress: Inside the World of Crossdressing

The Man in the Red Velvet DressThis book was written in 1996 by J.J. Allen, a longtime cross-dresser and past president of Powder Puffs of California, one of the world’s largest cross-dresser support groups. It provides an insiders view of a world that few knew about then, even when you are a cross-dresser. This is one of the most underrated books on the subject and to my mind, should be a first read by all those just beginning to explore their feminine side and for their wives and girlfriends. It’s also a good reminder to all of us on just how diverse our world really is.

Mr Allen’s descriptions come from experience and closely parallel what I have personally seen. He identifies nine type of cross-dressers and 13 reasons why we crossdress. There may be more but most of what you will experience is here. Science has gotten closer to understanding the reasons why we crossdress, but do they really matter. We have a need that doesn’t go away and we express it in many different ways .Understanding all the variations is a first step to bringing our community closer together.

The book certainly helped me in learning self-acceptance, a necessary first time in our evalution of a cross-dresser and from there I could being to enjoy this quirk in my personality and well, have fun. I love being a girl (sometimes) and wouldn’t want to miss this incredibly enriching experience.

The book is available in hard or soft cover and if you add any book to your library, add this one. It’s well worth the price.

Oct 22

Shopping Online Anonymously

Shopping onlineThis is the real nuts-and-bolts problem for many crossdressers whose families don’t know of their activities.    More and more shopping is being done online, but how do you pay for and receive items without others knowing?     While there is no one perfect answer that fits all situations, we offer a variety of information and suggestions here to help you figure out what works best for you.

The two main problems when wishing to shop online anonymously are paying for the purchase and having a place to receive it.    We’re going to discuss these in the opposite order, because knowing in advance what address you’ll be using will be necessary when it comes to the information you give the merchant.

Receiving the Package

If you have a friend who will receive packages for you, that’s obviously the best solution, but most of us aren’t that lucky.    We need to go to Plan B, which is probably to arrange for a mail box somewhere.

Mail Boxes 2Renting a mailbox will entail your giving your real, i.e. “official”,  name because in today’s security-conscious environment you’ll need to provide identification when you apply for the box.    This information is not for public consumption, though, so don’t let the application process put you off.    On the form you fill out you’ll be asked to provide the names of all persons who will be receiving mail at this box, so that’s the place to put your femme name if you receive items in that name.

As for paying for the box, you can pay in cash in person.    In fact, that’s a very common way of paying since I’m not even sure these places send bills.    You can also choose the frequency of payment, at least with the USPS.

Where should you get a P O Box?    The U.S. Post Office is one obvious choice, and they’re a perfectly good option.     Beyond that,  there are places like UPS Store (Mailboxes, Etc.)  who also offer mailboxes for rent.    These are very popular places in some locations, so they can be quite strict about promptly picking up packages that don’t fit into your box.     Some will start adding a fine after 3-5 days, but if you’re local, picking up in a timely way shouldn’t be a problem.    If you look around your community you’ll probably spot different businesses who have mailboxes to rent.

What about privacy?    Well, employees at these locations are supposed to be tight-lipped, but frankly, if you live in a small community I’d suggest going a bit afield to rent a box.    If your wife’s Aunt Thelma is the post mistress at your small town post office, betting on her to not say anything is probably foolhardy.   Also, if it’s a small community you have the additional problem of running into people you know while visiting your box.    If you have home delivery, their little minds will start whirring as they imagine all the reasons why you need your own box.   Unless you live in a fairly anonymous urban area, try to find a box that’s not in your own backyard and maybe is convenient to where you work.

FedEx officeThere are a few other options, but they don’t work for all packages.    If you’re receiving an express company shipment, for example, you can arrange to pick up the package yourself once it’s in your area.    After you get a tracking number, go online and request that it be sent to a convenient service center to be held for pick-up.    You’ll probably need to show some ID, though, so the order should be in a name that has some identity to go with it.

Then there’s the option of having packages delivered to you at work.   This obviously depends on your work situation and isn’t a solution for everyone, but more and more people are having packages sent to the office as they’re not home during the day to receive them.    As with the other possibilities, this may be a “sometimes” solution.    Having to explain your Silkies package to your fellow firehouse workers could be a bit awkward.    You can claim it’s a surprise for your wife, but only if she’s not 10 sizes smaller, as your friends might want to see what you’ve ordered.    Also, there’s a limit to how many “surprises” are believable in any given year.

While you can see that there are various ways to receive packages other than at home, the most reliable option is having your own mailbox in a facility not too close to home.     It’s something that you don’t have to monitor all the time and that allows you to have packages or other mail sent using your femme name.    You’ll wonder how you ever got along without being able to receive mail of all kinds with some privacy.

Buying Anonymously

There are many books out there that go into great detail about methods to maintain your anonymity while buying online.    These are usually far more involved and in search of a level of privacy that most of our members don’t need.  We’re only trying to keep our families blissfully unaware, not go underground from society.   To that end giving your own name or other ID information in the kinds of transactions we talk about below is not normally a problem as you’re not setting up permanent accounts or other relationships that might cause difficulty were they to come to light.

Gift Card-1 One very good way to buy online is to use prepaid debit cards that can be purchased on the gift card racks found in most grocery stores, pharmacies, and big box stores.    You’ll want to stick with the Visa or MasterCard ones because for some reason many retailers who take American Express don’t take the AmEx prepaid debit cards.    Be sure you read the information that comes with the card, because many require online registration of the card before it can be used to shop on the internet.  It’s just a way to know that someone didn’t pick it up on the sidewalk and also it gives the merchant a way to “verify” an address, so don’t let this deter you.   It’s one of those harmless registrations that is purely administrative and will not come home to haunt you.     It’s a one-off that leaves nothing to turn up in a home mailbox or answering machine.

 While you’re thumbing through the gift card racks you might see other gift cards like Kohl‘s that you’d like to have.   Or, if you have a local Kohl’s, Catherine’s , or Lane Bryant, you can simply go in person to buy a gift card from them.  You might wonder why you want to shop online if you have a local store, but most retailers now offer much more online than they do in their brick-and-mortar shops.

Payless  is another example of a store that often has things on their site identified as Online Only.    Of course your generic Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit cards should work on these sites as well, so it’s up to you whether you want to diversify your cards.    Stores are usually less picky about accepting their own cards, but once you know that your prepaid Visa or MasterCard will work, it may be simpler to stick with one type of card.    Be sure when you register these cards online that, if they ask for an address, you use the one you’ve decided on for receiving your package.

Money Order-1Paying by money order is another option.    At one point this seemed on its way out for mainstream retailers, but it’s seen a resurgence as more people have ended up with rocky credit.  Sites who accept this method of payment will either ask that you call them so they can give you instructions or else simply tell you up front how to pay in this way.   Basically you complete your order, check money order as the method of payment, and complete the order process.   Then you go to a post office or customer service desk that does money orders and buy an MO for the exact amount you need.    Mail that along with a copy of your online order to the merchant, and as soon as they receive your payment they’ll ship your goodies.    It’s like in the old days when we had to wait for a merchant to receive our check before they’d ship.   (Be sure you remember to tear off the receipt stub on the MO before you mail it.)    The addenda to this article lists the Sister House advertisers that we could confirm accept money orders.

WU PayOther methods of cash payment have also been created recently.    One of the more popular ones is called  WU Pay, with WU standing for Western Union.    Yes, they’re still around, often inside grocery stores but also free-standing.  Check online for your nearest location   Some fairly large retailers have started accepting WU Pay for orders.    It works very similarly to a money order but in this case Western Union will do the mailing for you.   After you place your order online and check WUPay as your method of payment, take a printout of the order to a WU office and give them cash for the amount owed.   They charge between $2.95 to $6.95 for this service, depending on the amount involved, with the highest charge for amounts of $250 or over.   They’ll forward everything to the merchant who will then ship your order.   Obviously money orders or WU Pay aren’t quite as speedy as completing the whole transaction online, but they also don’t leave any suspicious items on your public-use credit cards.    The addenda lists the Sister House partners that we could confirm accept WU Pay.

Once you start thinking in terms of out-of-sight possibilities, you may well think of different solutions.   MoneyGram offers money transfer services.    Or you might investigate setting up your own paperless bank account in a virtual (online-only) bank and then use its associated debit card or open a PayPal account using your online-only bank account. If you should decide to do something like this, try to find an account that doesn’t pay any interest so it won’t be a problem at tax time. Strangely enough, that’s easier said than done as online-only banks are more generous with benefits.  Also remember that banking activities need to be carried out in your own name.   This shouldn’t be a privacy problem since the account is paperless and in any case would be associated with the mailing address you’ve decided to use outside your own home.

So now that you have some options for paying, how do you know what forms of payment a merchant will take?     Most sites have a place called something like Payment Methods, Payment Information, or Payment Options although often it’s buried deep inside another section.   If it’s not listed on its own at the bottom of the page it will probably be found in Customer Service, FAQs, Shipping Information, Shoppers6Help, or even Returns.  There is no uniformity here, and unfortunately there’s a handful of merchants who don’t even bother to put this information on their sites, so for them you’ll probably have to call, send an email, or open a chat.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to online shopping, this all may sound very complicated, but in reality it’s not.    Prepaid- and gift cards are everyday methods of payment now, and if you choose the WU Pay or money order method, it’s simply letting a third party write a check for you.  Private payment and shipping methods without worrisome trails equals a win-win situation for our community!

So, what can we say but Happy Shopping!

Your privacy is important to us at Sister House when shopping in the Boutique or through our merchant links. You can read about Sister House’s privacy policies here and here


The following merchants used by Sister House state on their sites that they accept WU Pay:


Full Beauty

Jessica London

Lane Bryant

 Rakuten (Buy.com)


 Sally Beauty

  Woman Within

The following merchants used by Sister House state on their sites that they accept money orders:



 Body Candy

 Bubbles Bodywear

 Emitations Jewelry  

 Hips & Curves 

Make Me Heal (transformation items)

 Plus Size Lingerie Boutique


  Silk & Sable

 Sydney’s Closet

 Unique Vintage

Oct 17

So You Need To Use The Ladies Room

Don't pee standing when using the ladies roomI doubt there is ever a more controversial subject than using the ladies room when dressed. Volumes have been written pro and con on the subject and it seems to be at the center of conservative legislation to deny transgender rights. Business establishments seem to largely have taken the position to use the bathroom of the gender you are presenting. Still there are courtesies to be observed as a crossdresser or transgender person if you are to avoid unpleasant or unintended consequences, bearing in mind that while you may have the right to pee in the ladies room, you need to do so as a lady.

Using the Ladies Room

MellissaLynn has written  the following short piece on the subject which I have supplemented with some sage advice from Vicki Danielle at Trans Beauty Network.

So you’re out and about en femme, and the need to use the restroom hits.  Obviously, you can’t use the men’s room in the pretty sundress you’re wearing, and you don’t see a unisex or family restroom anywhere, So suck it up, sugar, you’re going to the ladies’ room.

The first thing to remember is this: you have the right to be there.  You have to learn to own that right. When you tense up and act nervous in front of the other women in the ladies room, you will be clocked. So relax and walk in like you own the place.  Don’t stop and gawk at the place, take a stall and prepare to do what you came. And don’t be chivalrous (sure giveaway) by opening a door for another woman to walk thru first. You can hold a door for another woman, AFTER you go thru first.

When you go into the stall, check the seat for dribbles as some women will squat over a seat without touching, sometimes leaving dribbles or spray. Wipe it off then put down barrier if you use them and the stall is so equipped. Turn to face the door before lifting your skirt/dress or taking down your pants & panties, then back onto the seat.

The first step to doing that is to turn around and face the stall door.  Raise your skirt and lower your undies, and SIT DOWN!  Feet pointing toward the toilet bowl is an absolute dead giveaway that you’re not what you appear to be.

Not a Good Idea Either to use the ladies room

Not a Good Idea Either

OK, this part takes a little more practice.  When a woman urinates, it sounds different from a male doing so.  When a girl pees, the urine is almost all in the water and with more pressure because they are closer to the water. When a guy pees while sitting, he hits the bowl first so it sounds different and is quieter. This is how you make it sound like a girl urinating.  Push your penis under you so that your urine strikes the water loudly.  For those little after-shots, release your penis or hold it forward to that it hits the bowl for those last little squirts.

Don’t get up yet!  Get some toilet paper and wipe yourself, or at least get some toilet paper, in such a fashion that it’s audible.  Women expect to hear this sound and will ping on it if they don’t.  Flush, grab your purse if you have taken it in with you (you should) and open the door to exit the stall.

This is the tricky part.  A quick check in the mirror is a must, but at the same time, don’t stand and gawk.  Wash your hands (a must), touch up your makeup if you’re wearing some, maybe run a brush through your hair if you feel the need.  If another woman talks to you, don’t be afraid to reply.  Turn to her and smile as you do so.

Some ladies rooms also have small lounge areas with chairs and/or couch that you can sit on to check makeup in your compact mirror. If you don’t carry a compact with a mirror, START.

As an aside, if you are not of an age where menopause is likely, you should carry a feminine hygiene product or two in your purse.  It’s possible you will be asked if you have one another woman may use because Aunt Flo caught her out of the house unprepared.  Having one will add believability to your feminine presentation.

Why girls travel in pairs when using the ladies roomAfter finishing your mini-primp at the mirror, exit the restroom the same way you came in, head held high and a smile on your lips.

And when exiting, again do not open and hold a door for another woman. Hold open after you’ve passed thru if you like. Always take your time in there. Ladies are expected to always have themselves put together, so don’t like you old male self be a “wham bam thank you” in the ladies room.

Now least you think this is an involved process, it’s not compared to all the problems that women face when using the restroom. Ever wonder why women go to the restroom in pairs? Well, read this somewhat humorous situation that I suspect is more true than most of us would believe.

Suzanne and Leigh of Transline Hollywood discuss the fear of using the ladies room for the first time and how it differs from the men’s.

Well, now that you are prepared, there may still be problems and not necessarily because you are “T”. Psychology, gender roles, and design explain the distinctive way we behave in the world’s stalls. This article on the Private Lives of Public Bathrooms shines a light on what it means for men and women to be exclusively in the company of their own sex. It comes down to boundaries—the stalls and dividers that physically separate us, and the social boundaries we create when those don’t feel like enough. Public toilets…frequently instantiate the most literal and entrenched social division—the division of people into two unchanging sexes

The Legal Ramifications

That’s the short but not the long of it. This is indeed a complex issue and the Transgender Law Center has addressed this complexity in their paper “Peeing In Peace Resource Guide“. This is a MUST READ for all of us.

Peeing In Peace in the ladies roomThis Resource Guide is a first of its kind publication combining basic information about how someone (or some group of someones) can protect themselves with common sense steps that can be taken to change the way in which an employer, school administrator, business owner, or government official handles bathroom access issues. It provides basic tools you can use to affect how someone sees the issue of bathroom access and safety by questioning who should be able to access which bathroom and why we divide most public bathrooms into Men’s and Women’s facilities in the first place.

I Have a V-A-G-I-N-A

Riki WilchinsRiki Wilchins, a transitioned trans activist, wrote this op-ed piece on navigating the social mores of the public restroom entitled “It’s The Womens Room And Other Bathroom Complications“. Despite all our advances in trans-liberation, simply taking a public leak remains a bitch-and-a-half. Read how Riki deals with the issues and be amused or not.

And finally, Hannah Taylor from the Tennssee Vals support group, herself a transwoman, lays it on the line in her piece on Sitting to Pee Is Not an Option.  Let’s all learn to do it right.

Now, you may not always be some place where there is a restroom, and frankly, if you can’t hold it, then here is………..

How  to Pee Outside Discreetly

Well, if there was ever a reason to wear a skirt, this is it, as it’s generally considered that a skirt is easier than pants when you have to pee outside. One woman said she thought skirts were invented to allow women to pee easily. If however one is wearing pants/ tight shorts than she would likely pull them down to her ankles, spread your legs and squat. One must be very careful to pull the pants away from the stream as peeing on one’s shoes and pants is somewhat to be expected but we try not to. Loose fitting shorts can sometimes be similar to a skirt for in a skirt you simply gather it to one side and squat or in loose shorts one could pull the shorts to the side to expose blah, blah…

It’s probably best to find a bush (or go into the woods), but if that is not an option and there’s no cover, hold it, or if you must, let people see the rear instead of the front. Everyone knows what a bum looks like, but a lady is much more likely to get catcalls and such if she shows her front. I hope you have been enlightened

Susan explains how women pee outside, but frankly, this woman has far too good an aim to make it realistic.

Toilets Around the World

toilets around the world

Franck Metois / Moment / Getty Images

Whether appealing or appalling, toilets around the world serve the same purpose, and there’s no avoiding them. So just how much is there to say about using the toilet as you travel? You’d be surprised.

Did you know, for example, that you can’t flush toilet paper in many countries’ toilets? And you’ll have to flush some toilets by throwing an entire bucket of water into the bowl? Or that people in many countries use a water spray to clean themselves rather than toilet paper? And the squat toilet rules supreme in many countries outside of the United States.

Squat Toilets

A squat toilet is just how it sounds. It’s essentially a hole at floor level over which you’ll squat and into which you’ll aim. Despite travel horror stories, the vast majority of them are clean, easy to use, and even come with a flush.

The first time you encounter them they can be a little shocking, but after that, you’ll be a pro. Like many widely-traveled folks, you may find that you prefer squat toilets to the Western style after repeat use.

Something interesting to note about squat toilets in many countries is the clean up (of you). The water in that bucket near the toilet is meant to clean yourself with (using your left hand) after you do your thing (Factoid: this is one reason the custom of shaking hands with the right hand developed—one never knows where someone’s left hand has been). If you’re headed for toilet-paperless places and feeling squeamish, carry your own wet wipes (like those used for babies’ butts) and/or antibacterial gel.

Other Considerations

Something else you can expect to come across while traveling is poor plumbing. Many countries’ septic system cannot handle toilet paper, and doing so can cause blockages. The easiest way to tell if you should be careful is if there is a small wastebasket of tissues beside the toilet. If that’s the case, you should wipe and place yours in there along with everyone else’s.

Many countries around the world don’t use toilet paper. Instead, they use something that works like a bidet and is a small hose attached to the side of the toilet. You detach it, hold it into the toilet, aim, and then fire. It actually gets you much cleaner than using paper and most travelers miss them when they leave, even if they do find them weird to use at first.

Toilets Around the World

If you’re heading to a particular destination and want to know what lies in wait for you, here are some helpful examples of what the toilets are like there:

Traveler’s Diarrhea

The squirts, trots, Montezuma’s Revenge—whatever you call it, diarrhea’s a drag. Common travel wisdom is to let it run its course; plugging up the source with Imodium keeps the bad bacteria in and keeps you sicker for longer. E-coli, which lives in fecal matter and developing countries’ tap water, is a major source of cramp-causing traveler’s trots, as are bacteria Salmonella and parasite Giardia. Prevention ideas include not drinking the tap water being careful of the food.

If you get the runs, your best bet may be to drink, drink, drink (bottled water!) and wash those little bugs away.

Because diseases like dysentery spread through contact with infected feces, lack of handwashing by waiters and cooks is a common cause of many unpleasant maladies. Flies carry dysentery, so avoiding fly-festooned street food carts is easy enough. When eating street food, be sure to pick a cart with one of the longest queues—high turnover means fresh food and the locals wouldn’t choose to eat anywhere that would make them sick.

Restroom Locaters

The American Restroom Association has a number of apps to help you locate restrooms as well as other useful information on using the toilet. Learning to squat and using a bidet will prepare you for overseas travel.

This is a new locator by creator Teagan Widmir and their team could use some help

Oct 06

Interesting Transgender Websites

There are many transgender and cross-dressing sites on the internet. Most of them bring some value to your transgender experience, or like Flickr, are just fun to browse. I’ve spent years perusing many of these sites and some bring unusual value. These are in my recommended list. The others are worth your time to visit.

Recommended TG Sites

Rachel's Place

Rose's Repartee


A British TG print magazine that has now gone online. Martine Rose, the Founder, has been online since 1989 and Repartee is the most well known TG magazine in the UK and beyond

Crossdresser Heaven

vanessa law

Make friends and discover the woman inside you”

Vanessa Law is an experienced crossdresser with great tips for all of you beginners

Trans-MISSION - London's HOTTEST Reception

Brianna Austin

This is the home site of transgender columnist, reporter and online publisher Brianna Austin, who for over ten years has been providing free content about the transgender community to the general public.


Stana from Femulate

Stana, An amazing young lady who writes with exceptional clarity




Bluestocking Blue

VVivienne-2ivienne, this wonderful new Zealand lady, bills herself as the Intellectual Cross-dresser and that she is. Her insightful blog posts will leave you with wanting more.




On men and women who dream about being the other sex, crossdreaming, crossdressing and transgender issues

Chic Ladies (Micki Finn)

How To’s on presentation, beauty and fashion from Micki Finn of Chic Ladies, a transgender site from Los Angeles

Transgender Insight

Chrissy Charland and Victoria Tamara have created an interesting site with a wide range of topics for the transgender community

Transgender Hub

Transgender HubThis is a useful list of transgender resources and links; this list is designed to primarily be used by transgender, gender-variant people, their friends and family