More Tricks of the Trade – A Beginners Guide to Cross Dressing

By Carollyn Faith Olson

11674677083_d9844c358e_nIf you read Carollyn’s first book, you’ll love this one too, with 34 chapters of mostly How-Tos for the beginner and the more experienced lady. Carolyn has brought together a wide range of experienced ladies (and one gentleman), many from within the Vanity Club, and including yours truly, to talk about the secrets and methods of achieving the best feminine presentation. You’ll recognize many of the contributors, Lucille Sorella, Heidi Phox, Christy Garcia, Amanda Richards, Stana, and many others. This is the kind of book that you’ll want to quickly read cover to cover and then come back and reread it chapter by chapter; maybe even prop it by your makeup mirror.

Carollyn is a regular contributor to Sister House with her articles on presentation in the Dressing Room and check her out on Flickr. Carollyn bills herself as ambi-gendered, but she is all woman and knows how to dress for success. This book is highly recommended.

This is an excellent counterpoint to Tasi’s book on the Top Ten Fashion Mistakes by Cross-dressers and How to Fix Them, also available on Amazon and this website.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for $4.95 here or from Carollyn or her publisher.

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