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Given the incidence of violence against transgender women, nothing is more important than personal safety. Here are some of my first-hand experiences and how you should react.

I have a couple of first-hand accounts from sexual predators – One is from a former college roommate of mine, who twice committed rape – spent about 7-10 years in jail for each.

I always hear that women claim that they are never responsible for being victims because of how they dress – NOT!  This rapist told me that when he got the urge for sex, he headed out of his apartment and saw a girl who was scantily dressed, after first passing several other girls who were modestly dressed. He said that it turned him on so much, because she looked “so hot“; he grabbed her raped her in the bushes, near the student apartments.  Interesting – he said that he had no intention to kill her, had she resisted.

Woman-fighting-with-a-manI always say that if someone grabs you, resist all you can. At that point, you are legally justified in killing your assailant!  Most women are not mentally prepared to do that. Unless you have preprogrammed that option in your mind and are determined to do it, you won’t respond in that manner during an emergency; so, you may not survive.

Secondly, it’s better to resist, at the point of capture, where you are more likely to be found and get medical attention, than letting the attacker take you away to a secluded spot.  If the attacker wants to move you, he will kill you!   Don’t let that happen.

I always suggest, that if a woman is attacked, act cooperative and tell the attacker anything he wants to hear.  It puts the attacker off-guard, giving you time to act.

A good move is to throw your purse to his side and behind him, saying, “Here, take my purse, I have a lot of money in it.”   This may distract the attacker long enough for you to turn and run away – screaming loudly.

If that doesn’t work, continue to talk, even telling him that you’ll let him have sex with you, adding, “just don’t kill me.”  Yes, that sounds repulsive, but it causes the attacker to again lower his guard, giving you time to react – offensively.

poking eyesI usually suggest that, as a woman, you stiffen your fingers and ram them into the attacker’s eyes at the first chance you get.  An attacker expects you to be in shock, when he confronts you and therefore does not expect you to defend yourself instantly, in a violent manner – yes violent.  Do you want to go home today?

Don’t worry about what permanent damage you will cause him – he’s trying to rape and/or kill you!   An attacker expects you to kick him, but striking him in the eyes is something he is not expecting, so your chance of succeeding is very good. To distract him, pretend that you are going to kick him, then with lightening-speed, drive your fingers into his eyes. Hopefully, that will ensure that you are his last intended victim.


Go forth in Safety!   J



3 thoughts on “More on Personal Safety

  1. Wow. The victim sanctions her own rape.

    If you had any self-worth you’d use your defense skills on those who deserved it, and charge money for servicing the rest.

    Or at least you might start traveling in better circles.

  2. All in all a good article, but nothing beats being armed and knowing how and when to draw, and how, when and where to shoot. Your local gun range may offer classes, and so does the NRA. The knowledge and the tools are out there. Go get ’em.

    (“Gun control” bee-yotches are welcome to STFU and just keep on living by their ‘principles’ in the real world at the risk of their own lives, and not the lives of innocent people who they want to force those ‘principles’ onto.)

    Nobody is ever responsible for being raped in the bushes by a stranger because of the way she dresses. Your clothes do not make you someone else’s property. And rape in the bushes seems to be very rare (for a lot of reasons, I think). Nearly all of-age rapes I ever hear about in the news or in anecdotes are either break-in rapes at the victim’s home, or date rapes usually in the rapist’s car.

    I agree that a scantily dressed date rape victim has partial responsibility if she is also a prick-tease, because then she’s already trying to convince him that she is his, and her lie simply catches up with her. But do we ever really know exactly which cases those are?? Isn’t it always just he said / she said?

  3. I was in the Army and know how to defend myself. This is a very good article on self defense for other transgender women who need to defend themselves. When a man comes to me and confronts me to danger. I always tell them I will give him a blow-job. Most of the time I do and that is all that he wanted and leaves me alone.

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