Wonderful Afternoon

One of my favorite areas to visit is the Branson MO area. I go to the area primarily for the lake, but also there are some great shopping areas. My favorite is the Branson Landing. There are two stores that I frequently shop and that is due to the wonderful treatment that I have received from a couple of wonderful ladies. This past week I had an amazing experience.

Carolyn 02I walked into Limited Editions For Her at about 12:30 and was greeted by Carolyn with a hug. We spent a few minutes catching upon happenings in each others lives and then I started browsing. After I had a selection of several dresses, skirts, and tops, Carolyn showed me to my dressing room. I ended up only purchasing one dress, but it was a red and black color block dress that I really wanted to buy last summer, but at $225, a bit steep. It was now on sale for $165, still too steep for me, but it just happened that I hit the 50% off of sale merchandise sale. Yeah, at $82.50 that dress is now in my closet.

Karla 04

From there I walked across to the Dress Barn where my friend Karla greeted me with a hug. She had recently gotten engaged so I had to goo goo over her ring, caught up on things. Got great comments on her and her assistant on my look at last the Tri-Ess meeting I attended. (They especially liked how my hair was styled, thank you Mellissa) While Karla and I were chatting I got in on a bit of store drama as there is this old guy that comes in and makes a general pest of himself, doesn’t ever buy anything but occupies Karla’s time. Anyway I assisted with a block and cover that got him out of the store pretty quick.

So I had a few selections and headed off to the dressing room. While I was in there, they kept bringing me more and more things to try on that they thought would work for me. I spent about two hours trying things on. During the process either Karla or Stacy would comment on each item and how it worked for me. I ended up with four dresses and a scarf but had several more that I really liked. Total ticket price was $232.74. However with sale, daisy dollars, and a coupon that they dug up somewhere, the final price was $99.74.

I asked them to hold on to my purchases because I wanted to do a bit more shopping. I went down to VS where I got a new white bra and three pairs of panties. Hit that store during a promotion that got a free beach towel with my purchase.

I figured at this point I had done enough damage to my bank account and it was time to head back to my home away from home. Stopped and picked up my dress from Carolyn, got another hug, then my dresses from Karla. Her and Stacy had to see my dress from Limited Editions for Her, and commented they really needed to go shopping with me next time.
When I got in the car I notice that Karla has put a little goodie bag into the bag with the dresses. Inside the bag with a bottle of water, some Hershey miniatures, and a repair kit is a card. They thanked me for coming in and making their day. I spent two hours in their store being lavished over like a princess and I made their day? Needless to say I was in tears.

A wonderful afternoon of being treated like a lady, and feeling very special indeed. Oh did I mention that I was shopping en homme? Such special and accepting ladies, makes me feel very fortunate to be able to call them friends.

 Note from Tasi: Dress Barn caters to the “T” community and often offers special shopping events for “T” groups. Their clothes are fashionable and trendy. They are a Sister House store so please visit them here.

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  1. I am so amazed at Randy. Randy is a wonderful person both inside and out and I am BLESSED to call him “Friend”. Thank you for making our day and bringing so much joy to our lives. Totally enjoy hearing about his friends, family, grandchildren, and all the activities! We LOVE you!!!

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