Oct 14

The Quality of your Clothing

Unless you have an unlimited budget, ample time to shop, and the ability to hang your clothes in the closet at home, you generally need to be careful in the selection of your clothing so it lasts more than one cycle through the laundry or 1-2 trips to the dry cleaners. Quality is important in wear and in fit and accessing the quality is a learned skill. But how many of know and understand fabrics or for that matter, even care. But you should if you want to keep that particularly lovely dress so it’s not wrinkled or mildewed or torn.

bad quality clothingCaring for your clothes is important. In this section, we’ll provide you easy to understand explanations and guidelines on the  care of your clothes.

What is Quality?

First is Your Ultimate Fabric Guide To Buying And Caring For Your Clothes. learn the major types of fabrics and how best to choose them.

Next is this Garment Quality Cheat Sheet, what to look for when assessing the nature and quality of a garment

Oct 14

Because Style Only Gets Better With Age – The Movie

Not a book, but a movie that I recommend, particularly for the more mature woman. The Advanced Style Movie, based on the many ladies featured in the Advanced Style blog, by Ari Seth Cohen, is the story of these fabulous-looking 50+ ladies and how they get enjoyment out of the art of dressing and presenting their unique selves to the world. That old axiom about dowdy looking women over 50 couldn’t be farther from the truth, so you have much to look forward to.

advanced style movieIt’s not just movie stars that can look well, but all of us with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of panache. The movie debuted in new York on September 26th. Sylvia on 40 plus Style has provided us with an excellent review of the movie. You can watch the movie via streaming on the movie site, link above.

So if you ever needed confidence that you too can look well regardless of your age, here is proof positive

You can buy the DVD on Amazon.