Fashion History

All aboard the Fashion Express with some fascinating fashion history.

You don’t need to be a aficionado of fashion to enjoy and appreciate how  fashion has evolved in the last two centuries. Your favorite dress or favorite outfit just may have its roots in a bygone era…the shift dress from the 20s flapper era, your little black dress from the 30s, your 50s swing dress, the mini-skirt from the 60s, that Bohemian look from the flower girl era. And guess what, the eras tend to repeat themselves or at least certain fashions do. Some fashions, like the LBD, are timeless while other styles reappear on a regular basis and are here for a short while. There’s actually a cycle to fashion which you can amusingly see on my blog post.

So here we have encapsulated  some interesting fashion history, each piece being a short read, and perhaps you can relate these fashions of bygone eras to the styles you love today.   Did you notice the difference in attitude with each passing decade, from the genteel lady of 1915, through the Charleston-loving flapper of 1925, all the way up to the slouchy, sullen woman of 2015 who flashes a smile for her selfie?

Who says clothes shouldn’t and don’t affect your attitude about yourself and the way you relate to the world around you?

Fashion Timeline

fashion timeline 1920-2000

Fashion Changes Since the 1920s

Fashion Pieces That Changed What Women Wear

Fashion Icons

fashion icons


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