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Religion and the Transgender Person

Religion and faith are important in the lives of many transgender people but some churches reject transgender people while others, be they family, friends, or associates  condemn us based on some religious doctrine. This 6 part series from Transascity.org is the most comprehensive and authoritative review that I have seen on what the Bible says about crossdressing and what it means for the transgender person. I recommend it to you……Tasi

Religion Faith and the Transgender Person-8       Republished from Transascity.org

The following articles talk to other issues in our faith as trans people and hopefully will broaden your interpretation of those issues as they apply to you.


Feb 11

What Skirt Is Right For You?

best skirt for your body shapeChoosing the right skirt for your body shape is a bit of an art. My favorite blogger, Imogene Lampart, at Insideoutstyleblog once again brings us some sound advice on choosing the right skirt for you, and no, not every skirt will look well on you. It depends on your body shape and the ability to create that classic hourglass figure. The infographic below will give you a simple set of guidelines.

When thinking about shapes for each body shape, we are usually wanting to create the hourglass shape or the idea of two triangles stacked on top of each other point to point.

hourglass shapeEssentially this, in its simplest form. So if you think of the top of the top triangle as your shoulders, the point as your waist, then the base of the second as your hips and you can add in another two smaller triangles for knees and feet if you wish, like this:

So when you’re deciding on what shape garment will flatter you best, depending on your unique body shape, in many ways, you are looking to create balance with the other elements of your body and an hourglass shape. Now as you are aware, waistbands are a horizontal line, and horizontal lines broaden, so if you don’t have a defined waist and are naturally broader through the stomach, then a defined waistband will not make your waist look smaller, all it will do is highlight your lack of waist. The idea with skirts is to follow the shape of your body.



best skirt for your body shape

Feb 11

You Want Cleavage? Here’s How!

Cleavage enhancement is not new with records dating back to the 15th century or earlier when young girls needed push up devices to fill out the adult clothing of the times. Today small-breasted women typically use a variety of techniques to enhance their cleavage for special occasions or to suit the style of a low cut top or dress, examples being nightclub wear and formal dresses.

CD CleavageCross dressers often want to create the illusion of female cleavage as part of making their body appear feminine. Many cross dressers believe that displaying a convincing cleavage will distract attention from flaws in their appearance and will improve their ability to pass.

Cleavage enhancement encompasses a range of techniques used temporarily to improve the appearance of a person’s breast cleavage or to create the illusion of breast cleavage on a person who has no such cleavage. This ranges from bras that lightly push the breasts together without any padding through a range of increasingly padded bras to techniques where chest skin is pulled towards the center to generate cleavage and completely artificial breasts, such as breast prostheses are added to cover the materials used to pull the skin and finally breast enhancement surgery.

Cleavage enhancement may also include the use of makeup to deepen the appearance of the cleavage and make the breasts either side of the cleavage appear more prominent.

So let’s look at each of the techniques. There is no one right method. It often just depends on the look you are trying to create, your body type, or your skills and often may include several techniques used together such as a cleavage creator bra, breast inserts, and makeup. Petriluge provides us an overview here and then he revisits his techniques to give us some updates here. However be sure to review the individual techniques below for more specific advice on each cleavage-enhancing method.

Following the techniques section is some solid fashion advice on what to wear to show off your new found décolletage to your best advantage.

Cleavage Enhancing Bras



Probably the most common is the push-up bra, the most well known being the Wonderbra. Their designs vary from an unpadded design which simply pushs the breasts towards each other through to moulded cup designs with either moulded pads or removeable pads in the bottom and outside to force the breast upwards and inwards.

Padding used in bras has been manufactured in a variety of styles, including sealed bags containing air, water or some form of liquid or gel, and from semi-rigid materials such as moulded polyurethane foam rubber. Similiar to the removable pads are falsies often sold with some push-up bras. Falsies made from silicone gel are also sometimes referred to colloquially as chicken fillets.

Home-Made Breast Forms.

One off-take on padding is the homemade breast form made from plastic pellets or birdseed (as fillers) using plastic bags and nylons to shape the size and configuration of the form. My first forms were made this way using plastic pellets and they sufficed until I was able to afford the more realistic silicone forms. One enterprising young crossdresser, with many videos on YouTube, has even used clay or putty to make her forms

 Skin Pulling Techniques

Various methods are used to pull loose skin from the front of each breast towards the centre to create two vertical bulges imitating natural cleavage. Often breast forms and a mastectomy bra are then worn outside those skin bulges such that only the inside edges of those bulges are visible past the bra, top or dress.


tapingTaping involves the use of some form of adhesive tape applied  towards the bottom of the breasts to pull them together and is particularly effecive if you have excess skin tissue. Although a variety of tapes may be used such as  surgical micropore tape, athletic tape or even a strip of moleskin, the most highly recommended tape is Gorilla duct tape across the chest under the breasts with tape at the ends to hold it in place. Listen to Karen Forecox as she explains how to use duct tape to create cleavage. Care is necessary though as use of the wrong techniques or tape with too strong an adhesive can cause injuries such as rashes, blisters, and skin being torn off.


underbraUnder-bras are commercially manufactured garments designed to pull the skin towards the centre. These garments look somewhat like a conventional bra, having a band and shoulder straps like a bra. As with other designs, breast forms and a bra are worn over the garment to complete the illusion of breasts. One disadvantage of these designs is that, with a bra over the top, there are two pairs of bra straps and two underbust bands that can potentially look like the person is wearing two bras. The design of these garments limits clothing styles to those that will adequately cover the straps, preventing, for example, the use of halterneck garments. There are several types available if you choose to pursue this type of cleavage creator.

Adhesive Gel Bra

220px-CleavageEnhancementStep2HookAdhesive gel bras consist of two shaped silicon gel filled bra cups that stick to the skin of the breast using built-in re-usable adhesive, then clip together to pull the breasts together. The most notable of this type, and my personal favorite, is the Nu-Bra which actually does wotk very well. But you need to prepare your skin well. Watch this brief video to learn all the details. However, Beware, there are many knockoffs on the market that while cheap, will not give you the quality or the longevity of the original product.

Breast Forms

220px-Discrene_Breast_formsMany pre-op transwomen and crossdressing males use breast prostheses to create the illusion of feminine breasts. They are sometimes combined with cleavage enhancement techniques discussed herein. Most quality breast forms are made of silicone, although satisfactory results  can also be achieved with foam inserts

Non-customised prostheses are made of different shapes to suit the extent of breast tissue available or the shape of a crossdresser’s chest. Asymmetric breast forms incorporate an extension towards the armpit to replicate the shape of the tail of Spence, while symmetric “triangle” or “teardrop” prostheses do not incorporate that extension. Customised prostheses will mirror the other breast.

Full Frontal Cleavage Tops

BBCleavageTopViewFull frontal Cleavage Tops are also available, mainly marketed to the Transgender community. They incorporate a pair of breast prostheses in a one-piece skin coloured garment that is designed to provide the illusion of natural cleavage. Such garments have the disadvantage of having a visible top edge at the neck, which requires the wearing of a choker or similar necklace to hide the top edge of the garment. The edges of the breast prostheses are often distinguishable through the thin outer cover.

Breast Makeup Techniques

Makeup is very effective in creating the illusion of breasts and particularly so when used in conjunction with any of the above techniques. This is achieved by using shading techniques so the breasts look fuller while the middle of the cleavage is made to look deeper by using a darker makeup color than the base color of the skin. Sometimes, the darker shade is extended in a Y shape to add further emphasis to the roundness of the top of the breasts.

Here’s a short video combining some of these techniques that hopefully will help you achieve  that “they can’t get their eyes above your chest” look.

Cleavage Enhancement Mistakes

Cleavage enhancement techniques do not always give the desired results. Using a skin pulling technique and pulling the skin too tightly or wearing a bra that is too small in the cup size will create excessive bulges either side of the cleavage, which will look obviously pushed out of shape.

Either pulling the skin too little or showing too much of the peaks of the bulges created by a skin pulling technique may cause the curvature of the cleavage to be visibly different from the curve that would exist for real breasts of the same size. The parts of the breasts visible in the cleavage will appear to curve away in a manner that does not line up with the rest of the breasts.

Excessive or poorly applied makeup may look obviously false and may detract from an otherwise effective cleavage illusion.

Always flatter your rack

wrap dress showing cleavageOr your never too old to be sexy. Regardless of size, your success at putting your best breasts forward is ultimately determined by your clothing.

Here’s how to gussy up your girls:

For big boobs:
• V-necklines will open up the décolletage and elongate your neck.
• Look for seaming on tops that emphasis your waist.
• Wrap dresses help create an hourglass shape. Add a cami underneath for more coverage
• .Wear necklaces that hang above the cleavage or down by your midriff.
• Avoid square necklines

For small boobs:
• Pleating, gathering or beading at the bust will provide a fuller look.
• Wrap dresses create a flattering shape for petite and larger chests.
• Achieve a sexy look with a low-cut fitted top draped with necklaces – beads, chains, pearls, the works – and paired with jeans.

All boobs:
• Wear a well-fitting bra.
• Consider a minimizer if you are particularly well-endowed.

And remember, when women get a good-fitting bra, they look better in their clothes. Select a bra that separates and supports your breasts. When you have larger breasts, they’re moving all the time. It gives you the support you need and makes you feel more secure.and don’t be afraid to wear a top that shows off your décolletage. A sheer or lacy camisole adds a sexy detail that also camouflages less than perfect skin.

Feb 09

Transgender Surgery

This section provides information on surgeons that work with the transgender community globally

Transgender Surgeons in the US

transgender surgeons in the USHere are listed surgeons who perform various transgender surgeries in the US. It is meant to help people find surgeons operating in their area, but is not an endorsement. Before having surgery, you should do additional research into their practices. Note: For multiple surgeons operating in one city, you might have to zoom in a bit to be able to see them all. Email any updates to genderwarriors@gmail.com

Feb 09

How To Walk In High Heels and Still Be Comfortable

At least we are in the same boat as genetic women when it comes to walking in high heels, you need to choose wisely and practice, an exercise that they usually start much earlier than transgender women. Heels can provide that extra oomph and sex appeal to your look that you just can’t get with any other shoe, but high heels can sometimes be really painful to walk in.

Dr Martin Bell, a clinical orthitist, says that when a girl has not trained her leg muscles correctly, she runs the risk of going head over heels. They just need to know how to walk in them properly.


As you may have learned, walking in high heels is not a natural talent–it’s learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline.

Wikihow has some sound advice for us.

Start small and work your way up. Don’t go from not ever having worn heels to slipping on some 4 inch stilettos. There are many heels to choose from, varying in height, thickness and shape. Training your feet will allow your ankles to develop the strength they need to walk safely and gracefully in high heels.

Walk-in-High-Heels-Step-1Choose your shoes carefully. Not all high heels are created equal. Stand in your shoes on a hard floor with your knees straight, and see if you can raise yourself on your toes an inch. If you can’t, the heels are too high for you right now, and you shouldn’t wear them. If you try to wear heels this tall, you’ll end up walking with your knees bent forward, and that’s a good way to get very sore, not to mention looking rather daft. You also want there to be just enough “breathing room” so you can add cushions in the soles later.

Take baby steps. Walking in the highest heels isn’t like the walking you learned to do when you were a child, so you have to do a few things that might feel counter intuitive:

Practice. Wear your heels for a day around the house before you wear them out. This will not only allow you to get used to wearing them, but it will also create scuffs on the bottom so that they’re less slippery. Make sure you practice doing all the things you would normally do while walking.

We can also learn from the professionals. These street style stars have some interesting tips for walking in crazy heels.

Let’s look at this short video on how to walk in high heels and then we’ll dive into a more detailed explanation in a few moments

Add cushioning wherever there’s a lot of pressure and/or friction. There are cushions made in various shapes and from different materials that you can stick on the inside of your shoe for more comfortable walking. Use them generously.

In this video April shows us 5 products easily available at the local drug store that can help relieve pain and allow us to teeter comfortably in high heels all day long. She suggests:

  1. Insoles to provide support for the ball of the foot area.
  2. Heel liners to prevent the shoe from rubbing the back of your ankle or heel, and stop it from flapping off in case the shoe is slightly larger (just attach 2 heel liners).
  3. Ball of foot cushions to alleviate pain and pressure and prevent calluses.
  4. Gel heel cushions to avoid backache.
  5. Rub relief strips or corn cushions to avoid getting corns or rashes on your feet.

You don’t have to be in pain anymore to strut off your stuff.


Special Tips:    

Secrets To Breaking-in New Shoes

How to Stand in Heels for 8 Hours Without Killing Your Feet

Even more tips below:

Walk-in-High-Heels-Step-5Give your feet a break. Sit down every twenty minutes or so. If you’re in the bathroom, sit down. Don’t take your heels off, this will only allow the pain to worsen. They swell a bit after you take them off, which makes it harder to continue after.

  • Walk carefully. Grass, cobblestones, and grates or drains are your enemy. Even a crack on the sidewalk can bring you down if it swallows the tip of your heel. Watch your step and don’t even think about power walking or jogging with those heels on.
  • Driving in high heels is generally not a good idea, especially with a standard transmission. Wear flats or tennis shoes for driving. Avoid flip-flops, as these shoes can get caught in the pedals.
  • No matter how nice your heels are, don’t wear them all the time. Wearing heels too often can lead to chronic foot and back pain

falling in heelsWalking in heels is an art and not a science. This Trilogy by Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Monica Barnett and her Bluepring for Style blog takes us through How to Walk, How to Run, and How to Walk on Steps in heels. Watch carefully and practice and soon you too will be seen as a sophisticated and feminine woman. And then check out this really fun video from Wendy’s Lookbook. This girl is a delight and fun to watch as she gives us some great pointers for walking in stilettos.

Not to be outdone, Jessica Who gives us this rather unique experience in learning to walk in high heels.  

Lastly, do you remember the magic you felt when you slipped on your first pair of high heels or your very own first pair of pumps; or maybe some ballet slippers or Mary Janes? In these shoes reside distinct journeys, triumphs and tragedies, precious memories, and lessons learned.


Honey, It’s All in the Shoes: Celebrating the Footsteps of the Contemporary Woman
Honey, It's All in the Shoes_by Phyllis Norton Hoffman takes you on a journey examining these defining moments, sharing what she has learned when she was required to wear different shoes—from a mother and wife to entrepreneur and businesswoman to publishing powerhouse to doting grandmother—and provides advice for women on putting their best foot forward, no matter their role, circumstance, or stage of life. Hoffman’s fun, nostalgic, and intriguing exploration of the phases of her own life and the virtues that she’s lived by gives you hope, confidence, and pride in the life you are already living and the life you are planning ahead. Everything you need is all in the shoes! Through your own recollections and understanding of what your own shoe closet holds and represents, you will discover your true worth as a woman.