What Skirt Is Right For You?

best skirt for your body shapeChoosing the right skirt for your body shape is a bit of an art. My favorite blogger, Imogene Lampart, at Insideoutstyleblog once again brings us some sound advice on choosing the right skirt for you, and no, not every skirt will look well on you. It depends on your body shape and the ability to create that classic hourglass figure. The infographic below will give you a simple set of guidelines.

When thinking about shapes for each body shape, we are usually wanting to create the hourglass shape or the idea of two triangles stacked on top of each other point to point.

hourglass shapeEssentially this, in its simplest form. So if you think of the top of the top triangle as your shoulders, the point as your waist, then the base of the second as your hips and you can add in another two smaller triangles for knees and feet if you wish, like this:

So when you’re deciding on what shape garment will flatter you best, depending on your unique body shape, in many ways, you are looking to create balance with the other elements of your body and an hourglass shape. Now as you are aware, waistbands are a horizontal line, and horizontal lines broaden, so if you don’t have a defined waist and are naturally broader through the stomach, then a defined waistband will not make your waist look smaller, all it will do is highlight your lack of waist. The idea with skirts is to follow the shape of your body.



best skirt for your body shape

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