Zinnia Jones on Transgender Issues

zinnia jonesAbout five years ago I found Zinnia Jones on You Tube  video blogging on atheist issues (she’s a confirmed atheist) and found her fascinating as I’d never seen a young person with such logical and well thought out positions on the issues she discussed. In a nutshell, she’s an intellectual talking in a down-home easily understandable manner with very much a sharp tongue. I always thought her personal appearance was rather off-putting and almost feminine.

I lost track of her until this past week when one of her videos was posted on the TBN Facebook page. Well, surprise, she has transitioned and now video blogs on transgender issues. This woman has a unique talent to get to the core of an issue and turn her opponents arguments into silliness and mush.

Her recent series on gender analysis is worth every moment of your time to listen to and then I have listed some of her other recent works which you should find of interest

Gender Analysis 01. Low T: A Tale of Two Hormones
Gender Analysis 02. The Gender Axis of Evil
Gender Analysis 03. Transition as Gender Freedom
Gender Analysis 04. Some Advice on “Passing”
Gender Analysis 05. Trans Passing Tips for Cis People
Gender Analysis Live! Spawn More Trans: Transgender Awareness and Activation + Q&A

Other Videos

Being an “abomination” is pretty great
Can’t Even Go to the Park
Trans disclosure? We can get into that
Myths and Facts About Trans People
Transgender women in women’s restrooms: A purely imagined harm




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