How to Find Your Ideal Skirt or Dress Hem Length

Reprinted from Inside Out Style blog by Imogene Lamport


If you wonder just how long your skirt or dress (or even a pair of longer shorts) should be, then you can take some inspiration from the Golden Ratio – which is a magical number for mathematicians, is used by architects and designers and even cosmetic dentists to create the ideal proportions.

Because this ratio appears everywhere in nature, from snail shells to snowflakes and we find nature beautiful, when we dress in using this proportional measurement it creates a more balanced and harmonious appearance.

Recently an Australian mathematician Lily Serna came up with this formula relating to shorter hem lengths.

How to Find your Ideal Hem Length

You will need:

a tape measure with centimeters on it

the shoes you wear most regularly with skirts and dresses as you will get different results depending on the heel height.


1. Measure from floor to shoulder in centimeters (wearing shoes – repeat for each pair of shoes with a different heel height)

2. Divide this number by the golden ratio 1.618

3. This number is your golden number and when you measure from your shoulder down, this gives you the point for your ideal hem length for skirts/dresses/shorts


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