Oct 19

Men Can Wear Dresses Too

men-can-weear-dresses-tooMen Can Wear Dresses Too is the story of Catie Maye, a MTF crossdresser. It’s not unlike many other stories you can read on the internet and it certainly resonates with me as there are many parallels to my own experience. I found her research on the many surveys over the years to be useful and I found even the outdated surveys still reflect what I see in the community. If the surveys do anything, they prove that we are not alone. Sure there are lots of variations but there are underlying truths to be seen. I suggest that our relationship with our wives (how supportive they are) and our ability to physically interact with other trans people are the two biggest determinants of our self-acceptance and likely will determine how we view our public experience as a crossdresser.

Risks and secrecy are a recurring theme of Catie’s story, to nobody’s surprise, but it’s sobering to realize how strong the need to express ourselves is, regardless of those risks. 80% feel a need to crossdress grow stronger as they grow older and about 60% have been out in public, although only 25% have actually socialized while dressed

This secrecy spills over to our wives and some take umbrage and some don’t. Sharing this secret is the most difficult choice we often make in our lives and we balance  the secrecy against the loss of loved ones that cannot accept that we are different.

There is not only potential loss of loved of ones, but the perception of us by family and friends, and in particularly our wives, can suffer and to that end I suggest you read this article by a crossdresser’s wife, How Your Crossdressing Changes Your Wife’s Perception of You

I think Catie is successful in dispelling “the myths, social untruths, and pieces of pure gossip” and helping promote a societal understanding of “whom and what we are.” It’s a good read for those in the trans community, our family and friends, and for any others that are interested in learning rather than judging who we are.

I highly recommend “Men Can Wear Dresses Too”. Click on image to buy. Available on Kindle for $4.99 or in hard cover or paperback from Amazon