Jan 26

Meet Reverend Linda Herzer, Transgender Advocate

Linda Herzer transgender advocateIn 2012, Rev. Linda Herzer joined the staff of a church with a large transgender population. This inspired her to read, study, attend gender variant support groups, and listen to the stories of her trans congregants.  Having learned much, Linda is now an active trans ally, an engaging diversity trainer and a thought-provoking preacher. She is also the author of The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance, reviewed in our book section of the Library

Prior to becoming a trans advocate, she had a 10-year career as a school library media specialist. Throughout those years she developed and taught an extensive research skills curriculum. During her seminary years, Linda did diversity training while working as Assistant to the Director of Women’s Concerns. She also designed the curriculum for the school’s course on Women in Ministry. Linda has created and facilitated numerous workshops for a variety of groups

As a trangender advocate, Linda has preached on the transgender experience at her own church and others in the area. Here is her two part video series on gender non-conformity and The Genesis Gender Dilemma.