Crossdressing Tips for Beginners

This section contains crossdressing tips from some of the best known experts on dressing in the transgender community

Vera Wylde

Vera Wylde crossdressing tipsVera Wylde is a married crossdresser and drag performer/model par excellence and in this series of videos by Vera, she addresses every element to be successful in crossdressing from makeup to presentation to going out in public. As a practicing crossdresser myself, I found Vera’s advice to be both useful and practical. We will address some of her topics in more detail elsewhere, but for those ladies just beginning to venture out, and I hope you do, this is a good place to start. Vera has a broad social media exposure which you can see on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Flickr,


We were also fortunate to obtain this interview with Vera Wylde as we learn more about this fabulous lady

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Crossdressing Tips for Beginners

#1: Foundation:

#2: Lipstick:

#3: Curves Part 1 – Breasts:

Dear Vera: SIlicon Breastform Alternatives

Product Review: Adhesive Review

#4: Shopping:

#5: Eyeliner:

Dear Vera: Eyeliner on Upper Lids

#6: Eye Lashes:

#7: Wigs & Hair:

Dear Vera: Wigs and Heat Styling     (Note: Vera recommends that you avoid a curling iron on a synthetic wig. A suitable hot air brush for wig styling is available in the Boutique)

Dear Vera: Keeping Wigs O

#8: Corsets, Padding & Hips:

#9: Eye Shadow:

#10: High Heels:

#11: Tucking:

Dear Vera:   Dressing Without Tucking

#12: Cleavage:

#13: Voice:

#14: Leg & Body Shaving:

#15: Picking a Name:

#16: Facial Expressions:  

#17: Sexual Orientation:

#18: The Butt:

#19: Jewelry & Accessories:

#20: Nylons, Stockings & Pantyhose: 

#21: Going Out in Public: 

#22: Dresser Stereotypes: 

#23: Bathrooms: 

#24: Being “Passable”:

#25: Purse Essentials:

Dear Vera: Corset Measuring

#26: Lacing a Corset

See also: How To Wear And Lace A Corset By Yourself 

#27:  Herbs & Hormones

#28   Sitting Like a Lady

#29   False nails

#30   Epilators

#31   Leg Shaving Demonstration

#32   Applying False Lashes

#33  Professional Waxing

#34: Feminine Hand Gestures

#35:  Eyebrows

#36:  Makeup Removal

#37:  Wearing Women’s Underwear Underneath Male Clothes

Dear Vera: Nail Colors

Dear Vera: Hiding Arousal: 

Dear Vera: Dealing with Public Hair

Dear Vera: Electric Razors

Dear Vera: Armpit Shaving Issues

Dear Vera: Combating Sweat & Other Uses for Deodorants

Dear Vera: Muscular Body Type     (You might also want to check out this article about Chris Bruce, a transgender body builder for additional insight)

Lucille Sorella

lucille sorella crossdressing tips

Lucille Sorella

Lucille Sorella’s Fem Secrets blog offers crossdressing feminization tips for crossdressers and transgender women

How To Conceal Beard Shadow

Pantyhose Tips for Crossdressers

How To Hide Your Adams Apple

Feminine Movement Mistakes To Avoid

How To Feminize Your Face

How To Get More Fuller, Feminine Lips

7 Best Shoe Styles for Crossdressers

How To Choose the Perfect Handbag

How to Feminize Broad Shoulders


Wicked Wanda

wicked wanda

Wicked Wanda

Not to be outdone, my friend “Wicked Wanda” has written a guide to creating a sexy, undetectable female image in her CD Tips Newsletter. Whether you are a “Newbie” ready to explore your feminine side, or a practicing crossdresser searching for tips on how to refine your techniques, Wanda has some some answers for all of us. Just a sampling of Wanda’s crossdressing techniques include:

  • ·Learn how to walk, sit and stand like a female
  • ·Learn how to create special makeup styles like the “smoky eye”
  • ·Learn advanced wardrobe, dressing, and style techniques
  • ·Learn how to create a passable feminine voice
  • ·Learn how to create mouth-watering cleavage

Some miscellaneous sources of tips for crossdressers

Tips to look more feminine for transgenders and crossdressers

10 Tips on How To: Be More Feminine

And remember,the products and services that you need to create this image of femininity can all be found in the Sister House shops

Lastly, I believe that you will find this one crossdressers experience, and that of his wife, emotionally vivid and real as he goes through a transformation to become the image of the woman he believes himself to be.

23 thoughts on “Crossdressing Tips for Beginners

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  2. I am new to cross dressimg & find this site wonderful,it has helped me to be comfortable with my desire to wear ladies clothes.

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  4. Go to You Tube and search for 1940s fashion so you have a sense of what was worn. Then go to my stores section (in Boutique) and scroll down to the Vintage section. All these stores offer a good selection with many sale items

  5. i am shy about this but please can you suply a good catalog showing examples of mid-40’s..thank you x

  6. Hi Leia,

    Being overweight is not the issue. There are many lovely weight who are overweight – just Google on plus size blogs. I’m aPS girl and have no problem feeling and looking pretty and feminine. As for coming out, check out our transgender resources in the Library. Hugs…Tasi

  7. Im over weight and wanna be a crossdresser with a girl like body how would I do this I know exercise but what kind and how do I come out with this to family and friends

  8. Being scared, Katie, is natural. Find a friend or join a support group and hear other girls tales. There are more than 1 million crossdressers in the U.S. and protections against discrimination are growing every day so it’s not like you are alone. There are many groups in the UK. I suggest you join the Beaumont Society.

  9. Awesome information for us cross dressing sisters for any age. Wish people wouldn’t be so damn up tight. After all we are just guys in dress and make up not looking to hurt anybody.

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