Hip Pads … for that Classically Womanly Look

womanly shapeThe hourglass shape is the classical silhouette that but 15% of women naturally have, but trans women have traditionally used hip pads…for that classically womanly look. In my recent article on choosing the right skirt for you, we talk about that classical hourglass shape that every woman tries to achieve and it goes without saying that our image of beautiful women is based on this perfect balance of a small waistline with larger breasts and hips creating those sensuous curves that we all so love. You might be surprised to learn that less than 10% of women actually have this shape naturally while another 40% have hips that are generally larger than their bust measurement (the pear shape).

Most crossdressers on the other hand generally have an inverted v-shape body (broad shoulders) or a rectangular body without a clearly defined waistline. Unless we are on estrogen which will cause the body to store excess fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs, we simply do not possess the curves and contours of a female body. I have seen too many beautifully dressed crossdressers who belie the female image because of their flat butts. You can say what you like, but appearance is the first criteria by which we determine a person’s sex and those broader hips are an automatic giveaway that the person you see is female.

Lucille Sorella, in her series on feminization secrets, clearly says to enhance your hips. A small waist is only half of the equation. Your hips should appear approximately 10 inches larger than your waist for true hourglass proportions. The easy solution is to wear padded panties followed by hip and butt pads. I wear them so I can speak from experience. They do make a difference and they are no more uncomfortable than normal shapewear which as a more mature woman I need to be wearing anyway.

Least you think padded shapewear is just for crossdressers or transsexual women, take a look at Nana Anamoah and Beyonce, woman who routinely use padding to create a more alluring effect. You might be surprised how much padded shapewear is sold to genetic women, beginning with Victoria’s Secret.

Nana Anamoah and Beyonce wearing hip pads

Nana Anamoah and Beyonce

Now take a look at Sugar Love, one of our more beloved drag queens and at Michelle Norton, a crossdresser from the UK and Laurie Ann, an American crossdresser, and tell me there isn’t a difference. And from a purely fashionista point of view, women’s clothing is made for women with pronounced hips. Your clothes will fit and look better with a more womanly derriere. I remember an incident many years ago while watching a woman walk from her car to a building and thinking she didn’t quite look right. It was the butt and I found out later that the woman was a crossdresser.

Sugar Love with hip pads

Sugar Love

Michelle Norton with hip pads

Michelle Norton

Laura Ann with hip pads

Laura Ann

So where are we now. Well there are two approaches to obtaining hip or booty pads. Love my Bubbles has by far the widest selection of shapewear for your booty on the net and they are a Sister House affiliate, so be sure to click through our link above. And be sure to explore padded underwear, butt bras, butt lifters, and butt pads.., your options are almost limited less. And check out this video below and the many other videos on these great products.

If you want to be challenged a bit more, there are many You Tube videos on how to make butt and hip pads. But frankly most of them are amateurish. However, I think you will find this two part series by (once again) Sugar Love the best tutorial that I’ve seen. I’m going to give it a try too even though I also have the commercial pads and padded panties. These DIY pads are a bit more encompassing.

Finally, if you want some other options to help create that illusion of an hourglass figure, you can either wear a gathered dress or try a peplum top or skirt.

  • Skirts and dresses with gathered waistlines. Gathers are the easiest way add inches to your lower body and create the illusion of hips.
  • Look for peplum styles. A peplum is a ruffle or overskirt attached to the waistline of a top, dress, or skirt. Besides adding fullness to the hips, the peplum is a very fashion-forward look.
L-Padded panty C- Peplum R- Gathered waistline

L-Padded panty C- Peplum R- Gathered waistline

I hope you enjoyed this article on hip pads and will also visit my blog with its many fashion articles or my website, Sister House, and browse the Dressing Room or the Library with just about any subject on fashion that might appeal to you.


2 thoughts on “Hip Pads … for that Classically Womanly Look

  1. I just signed up. While all info for and about we girls is valuable, I was surprised not to see more current (late 2017 and 2018) writings and posts.
    Why might that be?

  2. Sorry ladies. . . I go No Where Without My Under garments with my padding.!!
    Yes, it is a lot of work, I strugle at times at 71yrs, Butt ( pun intended )it is always totally worth it. You Will feel better, trust me. A plastic surgeon friend once told me my lower body looks like a female & I Still use pads!
    Enjoy being You! T.J.

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