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Dresses for the Fashion Conscious

I love dresses and why not. You immediately identify as a woman. And for the fashion conscious, your choices are easy without the added effort of matching tops and bottoms.

Perhaps you are wondering what a certain type of dress looks like on you since there are so many types such as a-line, sheath, empire, trumpet, ballgown and so on. So  lets start with the silhouette of the dress and the different types of necklines and waistlines to give you a basic sense of styles that may be suitable to your body type and personality.

Dress Silhouettes

dress silhouettes“Fashion is architecture:  it’s a matter of proportions.”

-Coco Chanel


How to know what body type you are:

right dress for your body type

Hourglass, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, oval…  It can be confusing and a little daunting to try and figure out what your body shape is!  But not to fret there is a simple way to figure it once and for all and start dressing to accent your assets.  Mirrors can be deceiving so best to stick with quantifiable resources, i.e. a cloth tape measure, paper and pencil.  You may want to grab a friend for this as getting an accurate measurement can be a little tricky to keep the measuring tape straight on your own.

Shoulders:   Measure in a straight line the widest part of your shoulders by placing the tape at the edge of one shoulder and wrapping it around your body until it meets back at the shoulder you started with.  The tape should be so close to the top of your shoulders that it almost slides off.

Bust:  With a straight back wrap the measuring tape across the fullest part of your breast (usually around the nipples) , under your arms and around your back.

Waist:  Wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your natural waist, which is usually just above your belly button.  Make sure the measuring tape wraps flat around your back without buckling.

Your Hips:  Standing with your feet together, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips, which should be a few inches below your hip bone, and around the widest part of your bum to meet back at the hip where you started.

*Tape pressure – The tape should rest snug against your body without making indents in your skin.


Descriptions of each body type.

and tips for your everyday best.  Check out these celebrities with different body types

celebrities with different body types


As an Hourglass body shape, your bust and hips are well balanced with a well-defined waist. Your shoulders are nicely aligned to your hips and your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs.

Your shoulders and hips are within 5% of each other and your waist is at least 25% smaller than your shoulder, hip and bust measurements.

To dress your body shape best, you want to dress the top and bottom proportionately while enhancing your waist. To create even more curves to your body, you can add volume to both your upper and lower half but always maintaining a balance.


As a Rectangle body shape, your hips and bust are balanced and your waist is not as defined. You may have a bottom that is more flat than round and your lower legs are always shapely and probably your best assets.

If your shoulder, bust and hip measurements are within 5% of each other and your waist is less than 25% of your shoulder or bust.

To dress your Rectangle body shape, the focus is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while emphasizing your waist. You are able to wear form fitting clothing while still creating a waist with a dark belt. To create a more curvy effect, you can add volume equally to your upper and lower half by mixing and matching separates.

As a Triangle shaped body, your hips are larger than your bust and you have a defined waist, which is your best asset. You have an elegant neck with proportionately slim arms and shoulders.

Your hips are more than 5% bigger than your shoulder or bust measurement.

The key to rocking your shape is to enhance and add volume to your upper body while emphasizing your waist and doing the opposite to your lower half. This creates a nice balance and an hourglass effect.

As an Inverted Triangle, you are more top heavy with broad shoulders, an ample bust, and a wide back. You have slim hips with a subtle waist and beautiful, shapely legs.

If your shoulder or bust measurement is 5% larger than your hip measurement.

The key to rocking your body shape is to create a balance between your more broad shoulders, chest, and back with your narrower lower body to create an hourglass effect. Choose clothes that add curves to your hips and bottom while creating a more defined waist. Take advantage of your great legs by playing with different skirt lengths but don’t go too short as to further a top-heavy look.

As an Oval body shape, you have a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. Your waist is undefined and the widest part of your frame. Your behind is somewhat flat and your legs are slender.

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size. You have a chest and waist measurements that are fairly close, but your hips are about six inches smaller than your chests.

The key to dressing your shape is to create a more defined waist while de-emphasizing your midsection. You want to choose clothing that adds curves to your lower body and tops that taper at the waist. Take advantage of your great legs by playing with different skirt lengths but not too short as to create a more top-heavy look.

Let’s review what you have learned in this short video. Remember crossdressers tend to have rectangular or inverted-v (broad shoulders) bodies and apple-shapes as they grow older and carry more weight in the mid-section

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Knowing your body type and the dresses that flatter your shape is good but you also need to consider the necklines of your dresses. Not all of them will work for you.

different necklinesHere is useful guide in choosing the necklines that work for your body

best necklines for your body type