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Feminine Presentation – The Art of Being a Lady

Ladylike feminine presentationWe spend hours on our feminine presentation as crossdressers and transgender women; the hair, the makeup, just the right clothes, and even voice which is the most difficult to master. But years of cultural immersion as a man doesn’t always prepare us for the more obvious giveaways: how we walk, how we stand, how we sit, and even climbing the stairs or getting in and out of a car the wrong way signals that we are not the lady we wish others to see.

These are acquired skills that not all women have either. Women in the business world are expected to be socially graceful and it’s often a fine line between being a lady or just being a woman. It’s not necessarily intuitive. So our purpose in this section is to acquaint you with the techniques of being a lady in hope that you will practice and use them in your everyday life. These exercises are the basic ones that you need to know. There are others that you can only learn by watching women who exude feminine charm.

Or as one woman said, “an immaculately tailored dress, perfect coif and a full face of makeup are all superficial characteristics that do not define a lady“. But dressing is important so let’s deal with it first.

First, let’s listen to Susanne and Leigh of Transline Hollywood talk about Can Transgender Women Be Feminine

Dressing like a lady is about communicating confidence {not to be confused with conceit}. If you’re picturing buttoned-up-to-here cardigans and 1950s-inspired full skirts, it’s time to put that God-given imagination to use. Feminine clothing can be, but is not limited to, ruffles, sparkle, bows, ribbons and polka dots – just make sure you’re not venturing off into cute-as-a-button territory. In fact, just stay away from cute, altogether.

Imogene Lamport is an Australian fashion guru and she talks to how our physical presence effects what we wear in this short video.

Dressing like a lady does not necessarily equate to forgoing leather, pinstripes, studs, etc. The trick is to juxtapose decidedly feminine pieces with a hint of menswear to produce an effortless look of elegance and class. While there is no foolproof formula, it is much easier than you might think. And now, because everyone loves a list, here are a few easy guidelines to ensure the message you’re giving off is, in fact, the message you think you’re giving off. Consider this good deed as another expression of my love for you.

  1. No dressmaker can make a woman feminine if she is not feminine herself.
  2. You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
  3. Only wear heels if you know how to walk in them. {And if you don’t – learn!}
  4. Luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity {otherwise known as mini skirts paired with boots.}
  5. Carry yourself with confidence. It’s sexier than any low-cut dress.
  6. Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.
  7. Be aware of your body type. It’s time to look truth in the eyes: bandage dresses are only lovely if you have the curvature to pull them off.
  8. Always look your best – if only out of politeness. Ladies, leggings {not to be confused with pants} are not your friends. The world and its people thank you in advance.
  9. Never allow your clothes to wear you.
  10. Sensuality {as opposed to sexuality} can speak volumes and exude much more depth than sexuality ever can.

Alexa Chung Offers A Modern Take On Ladylike Dressing.

Feminine presentation by Alexa Chung

Audrey Hepburn sitting

The movements of women are always fluid which of course is aided by their body shape and structure. It is indeed sad and humorous to watch a crossdresser stride through the mall like a football fullback. My wife often wondered why I sat in front of the television with my legs tucked under me (like a woman). I was actually doing it unconsciously but she remarked on it years later when she learned that I crossdressed.

Here’s a brief summary


How to sit like a lady

How to stand like a lady

How to walk like a lady

How to enter and leave a room like a lady

How to handle stairs and cars like a lady

How to carry a purse and wear gloves like a lady

Many thanks to Coulture Allure blog for the use of their material. The blog unfortunately is no longer active. And while the material may seem a bit dated, it’s for women who desire poise and elegance in how they meet the world.

Ladylike gestures in all our movements are important to achieve that all important feminine presentation too.



Here are 27 body language mistakes that can ruin your Feminine image from Lucille Sorella

Then, the DO’s

Here are several videos that will help you achieve a more feminine look, but there are many more if you search on You Tube. The first is about gestures. The differences may seem subtle but they translate as immediately feminine to the sub-conscious mind of the viewer.

Posture is a critical difference between males and females. Improve your posture to give you a more feminine look and feel. Take time in practicing each position to get the full effect. If you really want to embrace and express your inner lady, then you have to adopt the mindset of a more traditional woman and cultivate grace, politeness and capability. If you want to project a very feminine image, just follow the steps in the video till you get all the postures right These are some easy ways to add some girly touches to your everyday look without having to wear a dress or heavy makeup! Practice the steps in the video and you will surely be able to appear more feminine and delicate.

And then watch this example  from the ever-graceful Marilyn Monroe. Notice how elegantly she sits and stands, how deliberate her gestures are, and how she never fails to keep her knees together


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