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Guide to Choosing the Best Handbags for You

Handbags run a close second to shoes as a woman’s favorite accessory and like shoes, your handbag says a lot about you. I admit to some confusion in knowing just how to choose that perfect handbag, but these guidelines below  may be helpful to you.

A brief history of handbags from the Middle Ages to the 21st century

Since most women always keep their eyes on hot styles and designs of handbags, they became more focused on following these latest fashion trends without considering if the handbags will suit their figure. Perhaps, this is one of the most common mistakes that they make. Instead of buying the right handbag that matches their body type, they go after with its brand, styles and designs just to be in step with the hottest trend in fashion.

We all know that trendy styles of handbags, most especially if these are designer handbags are very tempting to buy even though they don’t suit your figure. But this attitude is not an ideal way to make your outfit looks stand out. Keeping up on the latest fashion is not just enough to make you shine. Always remember that anything you wear must have some coordination and balance with your body. For some women who are fashion enthusiasts, choosing and matching handbags are just simple but for others who are not, it’s not just as easy.

Here are some basic guide lines to help you out in choosing the best handbag for you:

Select the Right Size of Handbag

Knowing the right size of a handbag for your body type should be the first thing to consider before buying it. This will help you find the most appropriate handbag that would look best for you. Just keep in mind that no matter how stylish and elegant a handbag that you carry, it will be unfashionable if it doesn’t set off with your figure.

Most fashion experts suggest that if you’re short and petite, it’s best to choose small handbags to work well with your outfit. This is because selecting big handbags will make you look smaller. On the other hand, if you’re tall and slim, you must avoid these small bags. You can rely to use for some mid size, bulky and large handbags because these sizes will be best suit for your stature.

Pick out the suitable shape of Handbag

Choosing the best shape of handbag for your figure is another preference before purchasing it. Always bear in mind that carrying a handbag that is proportioned with your body shape is the best way to look stylish and fashionable because it really helps to change and enhance your overall look.

The best tip to achieve this is to make sure that your choice of handbag shape is the opposite of your body type. So if you’re slim and tall, you should choose rounded bag to best match your look. However, if you have a shorter physique, tall and rectangular bag is suitable for you to make you look elevated.

Choose Color that Complements most of your Outfit

After you have selected the right size and shape of a handbag that best suit to you, it’s now time to choose for its color. Matching up the color of handbag to your outfit and shoes is an ideal way to have a fashionable style. Try to buy a colorful handbag that has dominant colors that will match most of your clothes. But to be more practical, you can also go for a plain handbag with just one color. It’s most recommended to take neutral color handbags since they are popular choice. Black is a neutral color so you can never go wrong in selecting it because it always comes in style and fashion. You can also harmonize it with any color of your outfit. Brown and white colors are also advisable to use because you can also match them with most of your clothes.

Set off Handbag According to Occasion

And finally, it’s really important that you know what will be the purpose of a handbag. To be practical, you must put some considerations on its functions because every occasion, place and season calls for different styles and designs of handbags. Just be sure that you’re chosen handbag complements to a specific place or occasion and there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve the stylish outfit you most desire.

Now that you’re familiar with some basic tips in choosing a handbag that looks well with your figure, you can now enjoy your shopping in some handbag stores and boutiques. But if you’re a time savvy customer who doesn’t have enough time in going out to mall, you can find some online shopping sites for your convenience and visit their designer handbag section for your wider selections of different sizes, shapes and styles of handbags that will make you shine above the rest.

And then Imogen, my favorite Australian fashion blogger, gives us 6 Top Tips for Choosing a Handbag That’s Both Practical and Beautiful

Imogen Lamport choosing a purse

What Type of Handbag Is Best For You

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” said Yves Saint Laurent What better way to add a dash of style to your outfit than carry the perfect handbag? Here are the most popular forms of handbags carried by women around the world. All you really need are six essential bag types, one of each if you’re keeping it minimal, to have on hand for every occasion


crossbody bagThe crossbody bag is a must-have because it’s so damn wearable and comfortable. Hands-free shopping, train commuting, coffee-down-the-street-carrying, really, the possibilities are endless. If you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these.


weekenderThe weekender isn’t just for impromptu trips to the Cape, this large bag doubles in a pinch as other bag types you need in your daily life. For example, the gym bag, the grocery bag, the diaper bag, and of course, the carry-on bag that takes the place of your purse and allows you to haul more stuff with you under your seat on the plane.

Structured Day Tote Bag

day tote bagThis is the bag you need to take with you to work. Buy a large one if you have to carry tablets and laptops and files and papers. Buy a medium-sized one if you’ve got your basic cell, makeup, magazine stash, etc. Get it in classic colors and you’ll never have to worry your bag doesn’t match your look.

Day Clutch

day clutch bagI simply call this the brunch bag, for those days you’re only going to be out for a couple of hours and really don’t need to carry all that extra handbag. Of course, a sequined clutch could be cute, on occasion. But mostly you’ll just want something that says causal, simple to grab on-the-go.

Evening Clutch

evening clutchOne of our favorite categories just because it’s so pretty. You need only one or two of these in a neutral shade that goes with everything.

Just for Fun

just for funThe quirky bag. It can be any shape or structure you choose, really. But the most fun ones are usually in the evening category. Get something that really stands out for your LBDs.

Now there are a few women that resist carrying a handbag so you really need to understand why women carry handbags.


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