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Essays on Transgenderism

TransgenderismSound uninteresting, it’s not. The basics on TG/TS information below from Lynn Conway is without a doubt the most  comprehensive and interesting writings on the subjects of transgender and transsexual men and women that I have found. It’s not just written from experience, but in an easily readable manner. It’s like an exciting adventure story. And if you ever wondered why we are what we are, she definitely supports the evidence in “Brain Sex” about the causes of transgenderism

The fact is, transgenderism, in one form or another, is obviously nothing new. It’s a biological fact of life that can be traced as far back as 7000 B.C. Buried in the Altai Mountains, central Asia, archaeologists and anthropologists say this woman was a part of a warrior tribe who died over 2,500 years ago. New DNA analysis has discovered the skeleton was genetically male but it had been buried with all the adornments of a young woman, potentially the earliest proof of a trans woman not only existing but being accepted and cherished as well.

2500 yr old transwomanJust a few years ago, very few people knew anyone that was transgender (less than 10%). How that has changed. The latest from PEW Research indicates that two of every five people know someone that is transgender. This is significant as it impacts on our acceptance by the general public.

how many people know someone that is transgender

We are fortunate that this decade has seen progress in the acceptance of transgender people thanks to celebrities like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner. So, if you so inclined, here are links to some of our history: You will find that our early history predating Christianity has many examples of societies that accept or embrace transsexualism.

•  History of Transgender (part 1: 7000 BC-1895 AD)
• Examiner – History of Transgender (part 2: 1900-1968)
• Examiner – History of Transgender (part 3: 1970-1989)
• Examiner – History of Transgender (part 4: 1990-1999)
• Examiner – History of Transgender (part 5: 2000-2005)
• Examiner – History of Transgender (part 6: 2006-2009)

However, to really understand transgenderism, we need to look into  the Foundations of LGBT Normalcy and this essay by E.S.Carpenter talks about LGBT from a Historical, Psychological, Biological and Religious Perspective. It’s a long piece (9600 words), but it provides all the evidence and argument needed to refute the hateful detractors of the LGBT community

Gender Core Theory….there just may be a little bit more to it.  I don’t know if you have already seen this but it does present very solid scientific explanations to why we are the way we are. It basically says that in terms of brain, hormones and chromosomes you cannot rely 100% for any of these to determine if you are male or female.

Then Thomas (Dana) Bevin’s recent book (published 2015), on the Psychobiology of Transsexualism and Transgenderism delves into the science of transgenderism. It’s a complex tomb so this review of the book by Pat is a good summary of its contents

There’s a strong push to accepting the biological explanation as scientific proof for trans identity, but there’s a downside to this reasoning as we see in this article on Biology is Not Destiny. . You need to be aware of all sides to thr argument.

Basic TG/TS/ Information This is an extensive compendium of writings bhe y Lynn Conway, a trans woman, on all aspects of transgender, transsexual, and intersexed people of both sexes.

The Forum in Crossdressing.com discusses Dr bevan’s new book on transgenderism and transsexualism with our favorite “Why” transgender questions.

Becoming a Woman by Brianna Austin deals with the realities of being a woman or perhaps the fantasies you have of becoming one. Being a woman is just not the magic of the moment and Brianna walks us through the different paths that we may take.

Feminists have created deep divisions and cutting controversy over what a woman is. This battle over what it means to be female is essential to protecting the rights of trans women and allowing them to access women’s spaces. It does not infringe on the rights of women. These fears are unreasonable and unfounded and are more about protecting the privilege of certain women than protecting the rights of all. This essay is an in depth look at this controversy

Rachel Williston helps us Understand T-Girls in a series of videos and articles by herself and others.

Transgender documentaries – a selection of videos about the everyday lives of transgender people

10 Common Myths About Transgender  People.  Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover has triggered widespread discussion about transgender issues in America, but there are still many misconceptions about transgender people. Debunking these myths is vital not just for getting Americans better acquainted with trans issues — but to actually solving them, as well.

Myth #1: Transgender people are confused or tricking others
Myth #2: Sexual orientation is linked to gender identity
Myth #3: Letting trans people use the bathroom matching their gender identity is dangerous
Myth #4: Transitioning is as simple as one surgery
Myth #5: All trans people medically transition
Myth #6: Transgender-inclusive health care is expensive
Myth #7: Children aren’t old enough to know their gender identity
Myth #8: Transgender people are mentally ill
Myth #9: Transgender people make up a third gender
Myth #10: Drag queens and kings are transgender

Gender Identity 101, a Transgender Primer. Some more basics that you should know.

Biological Underpinnings of Transvestism. A explanation of why we are the way we are

Our Social Construction of a Sex and Gender Binary: The XX & XY Lie

The Biological Differences in MTFs and Cisgender Males

I Was Transgender and Didn’t know it

Theory on Why So Many “T” People Seem to Pop from the Closet Later in Life

The Transgender Brain

Top 50 Myths About Being Transgender

Psychology of Crossdressing  Wanda Wilson is a psychologist with expertise in crossdressing and transvestism, who promotes acceptance and understanding of the transgendered community

Zinnia Jones is undoubtedly one of the most logical and intellectual woman  in the transgender world that I’ve read. Her recent video series on Gender Analysis is superb and her entire video series on the  transgender world will keep you enthralled for hours. Don’t miss her

Differences in the situations of TG and TS people in different countries around the world  Transgenderism have always been “international.” Girls from all around the world have often looked out beyond their own country’s borders when trying to escape the gender traps they’ve found themselves in. Every country has always put a different spin on how it treats TG/TS people. Find out what those differences are.
If ever there was a larger than life story about transgender people, then Christine Jorgensen is truly a pioneer and a transgender icon for all ages. Her story has been capsulized by Kristina Mayhem here and is a must read to understand the transgender movement.
The Transition Process. Only about 5% of the crossdressing community go on to transition but there are often many questions about the process Here’s is one brief summary of what to expect.

In the summer of 2015, hundreds of transgender women from around the world shared their most valuable insights, lessons and tips for the smoothest and most joyful transition possible.

Here’s what they said: What I Wish I Knew, A book about coming out and living life authentically.

Annika Penelope is a transgender blogger and activist who transitioned in 2011. Her observations explain some of the realities of transition that would be nice to know before starting transition so that you can be prepared for the process. The importance of this article on this site is to help those unsure of themselves to assess their own reality. It is not an assumption that crossdressing leads to transition although some do.

Finally, be sure and visit Transline Hollywood as Suzanne and Camille talk about Suzanne’s experiences in transitioning and the many amusing episodes that many of you will relate to

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