Feb 09

Transgender Surgery

This section provides information on surgeons that work with the transgender community globally

Transgender Surgeons in the US

transgender surgeons in the USHere are listed surgeons who perform various transgender surgeries in the US. It is meant to help people find surgeons operating in their area, but is not an endorsement. Before having surgery, you should do additional research into their practices. Note: For multiple surgeons operating in one city, you might have to zoom in a bit to be able to see them all. Email any updates to genderwarriors@gmail.com

Aug 11

Transgender Health

The Fenway Health Center in Boston, MA provides primary medical and mental health care, and supportive services, to meet the needs of people who identify on the transgender spectrum. This is not an endorsement of this facility but their website provides an enormous amount of useful information for clinicians and transgender people on the health issues that many of us face.

Check the section on Transgender Health Bibliography & Resources.

Addition and substance abuse is a major problem in the transgender community.  Addiction Resource works to provide information and help those in need. The article describes how and why 30% of the LGBTQ people struggle with some form of substance abuse and also has guidelines how your visitors, for example, can help in this matter.

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