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Transgender Outreach

This section provides help and resources for those involved in providing outreach to the non-trans community. It consists of presentations and resource material that can be used in talking to various non-trans groups about transgender people. The sections on “All About Crossdressing“, “All About Transgenderism“,  “The Wives Speak Out” and “Telling the Kids” also contain much relevant material to the understanding of the transgender community.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer speaker or if you are a university or other non-trans organization and would like a transgender speaker, please contact Tasi at

The following papers were prepared by Rhonda Lee, Outreach Director for Sigma Epilson (Tri-Ess, Atlanta Chapter). She may be contacted at “”.

Many have expressed interest in the university outreach of our Sigma Epsilon Tri-Ess chapter.  Sister House now presents  information you won’t get elsewhere and the info helps the non-TG person understand who we are.  Also please visit the section in the Library on crossdressing, transvestism, and what the wives say.
I am encouraged with the enthusiasm so many have expressed. I am truly amazed at many unexpected results, such as:
– students coming out to each other,
– students asking how they can be advocates for US
– students asking how they can fight for legislation which would protect transgender rights
– girlfriends helping their crossdressing boyfriends learn how to find clothes and come out of the closet
– professors reconsidering how umbrella terms might be redefined to encompass crossdressers without implying they identify as the sex opposite their birth sex and are on a road to transition
– LGBT groups inviting us to educate and support them in many ways… cross-pollenation in both directions, building much-needed alliances
– requests from churches, universities, and other groups to speak and support those who are thirsty for information


University Presentations by Rhonda Lee March 2015

October Outreach Paper1124-1


By Tasi Zuriack

In 2010 and 2011, I gave several presentations to classes on Counseling and Human Sexuality at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In 2014 and 2015, I am assisting educators at Walden University in helping their students understand the transgender community.  I was well received by the professors and the students.

The following articles were written in response to WVU classes and were published in the Mirror, a Tri-Ess publication.

WVU Students Learn About Crossdressing (2010)

A Sequel to Talks with College Students (2011)

For lack of another place for them on the website, here are a series of articles that may be useful to you in an outreach program or explaining crossdressing to a non-trans person. Even trans people will find them interesting.

Trans-Invalidations  by Julie Serrano

The Dark Side of Crossdressing

Theories For Why People Crossdress by Kate Thomas, PHD


Unreasonable…or is it rational

The Relationship Scale

How Your Crossdressing Changes Your Wife’s Opinion of You

Further Thoughts on Male Image

So You Told your SO about Crossdressing

A Significant Other View

In the Corner of the Closet

Confessions of a Crossdresser

The Childhood and Family Dynamics of Crossdressers

Is Being Transgender a Choice

Brave New (Genderfluid) World

So You Want To Be a T-Girl

Transsexuals of the Mind Opening Doors

Beyond LGB, an article from ALGBTIC

Transgender Science Recap by Dr Dana Bevan