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He’s A lady

He's a LadyHe’s a Lady is an American reality television show that aired on TBS from October to November 2004. The premise of the show involves eleven men crossdressing as women in order to win $250,000. The show’s name is a reference to Tom Jones’s 1971 hit song, “She’s a Lady“. The show takes the eleven men on a wild adventure as they walk a mile in their wives or girlfriends’ shoes when they undergo a complete feminine makeover. Whether a newbie or an experienced crossdresser, this show is a real treat as you learn what it is like to be a woman, if just for a short while.

As the show opens, eleven men temporarily leave behind their wives and girlfriends for a chance to win a quarter of a million dollars. The guys think they’re going to be on a show called “All American Man,” competing in grueling physical and mental challenges. But the catch is more than they ever imagined: The guys will actually be transformed and given the chance to see what life is like as a lady, with one man winning a huge prize in the end.

Each week, the competitors learn something new about what it’s like to live as a lady, from dealing with bras and jewelry to bonding with real women in typically all-female activities. They are then judged by a celebrity panel including: Morgan Fairchild (The Seduction), John Salley (The Best Damn Sports Show Period) and Debbie Matenopoulos (Good Day Live).

Weekly challenges for the competitors include learning how to walk, talk and dress like a lady, followed by going out in public to find out how convincing they are; learning to flaunt their new attitude with training from supermodel Frederique; planning a real wedding and then being asked to serve as the bridesmaids; and finally, completing a “lady of the house” challenge back in their hometowns, where the guys must remain in character in front of family and friends in the absence of their wives and girlfriends. During their hilarious and heartwarming quest, the competitors will live in “The Doll House,” a beautifully decorated dwelling designed to help them get in touch with their feminine sides.

The series climaxes with a beauty pageant, where the competition boils down to the quarter-million-dollar question: “What, as a lady, have you learned about being a man?” The judges will then select the best man in the group, based on a variety of criteria. Don’t skip ahead in the videos or you’ll ruin the surprise.

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