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Hi … I am web developer/tech guy with almost 20 years experience… and I am also a crossdresser.. Heres my site: I am offering my services as a web developer/tech to owners of crossdressing sites because I know that approaching a non-crossdresser developer for work on a crossdressing site can be intimidating. Below is my resume… give me a call voice if you want to discuss any work you might need done. Paula Ann 623 243 9139 Paul Wilson 121 W. Main St, 18 Avondale, AZ 85323 Home 623-243-9139 Web Developer QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS * 20+ Years Experience Creating, Building, & Monitizing Sites * 5+ Years Experience Working With WordPress, Plugins, & Themes * Installation, Modification, & Troubleshooting of PHP Scripts * Excellent Understanding of Traffic Quality & Usability * Complete Understanding of Domain Name Setup, Transfer, & DNS * 4 Years Experience with Google Adsense Setup & Integration * Ability to Troubleshoot Linux, Apache, PHP Config, & Mysql * Experience in Complete Web Site Transfers & Server Setup * Ability To Troubleshoot Another Developers Work And Fix It * 3 Years Google Adwords PPC Campaign Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE From 2007 till Present I Have Been Self Employed As A Freelance Developer EDUCATION Programming In C++ Santa Ana College, Santa Ana CA SKILLS * Ability To Understand Customers Needs and Implement Them * Ability To Work With Customers To The Completion Of Web Sit Time

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