Irene’s Lingerie – Customer Comments

From Ashleigh.

I would be happy endorsing “Irene’s Lingerie” in Plainville, CT. Christine is the daughter of the original owner and believe me, she is a doll. When I go there, she always makes me feel totally at ease; truly I feel fully female when interacting as a customer. Christine loves how. I speak with my hands…….just like most women……and I’ve even developed a cute feminine giggle too! I’ve even been introduced as Ashleigh to some of her genetic female customers who she knows are okay with transgendered women and one, who identified me as a TG, actually said I made a very attractive woman. The shop is small but using the website, one can create a personalized shopping list, forward it to Christine, and she will order the items you want if they are not in stock. Also, if there are other GG’s in the store, Christine will protect your identity so you won’t feel out of place or exposed. I absolutely love going there for a morning’s shopping and some real girl talk/chat with Christine and Louise.

2 thoughts on “Irene’s Lingerie – Customer Comments

  1. Hi Christine its been a long time. We have been married years and I want to keep it that way…..But the end is near.
    You made me a great long girdle which I have not been able to wear for a long time along with the 40A bra.
    Tell me all the great full body shapers in your CD / TS section are they ready to wear? Because I’m attracted to SPANZ full shape wear. along with those Boobs say B or C cup.
    My boobs have grown to at least an A because the Radiation treatment for Prostate wiped out all the testosterone and they injected dugs with a
    growth with a side affect


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