Sep 10

How To Find the Right Dress

types of dressesDresses are the most loved clothing item by women by far. It is our way of dressing up everyday with a different feel and look. But finding the one – the right style that works best for our body shape, proportions, dominant color and every changing body features can be sometimes a tricky one.

Dressing right is all about creating visual balance in your look and about understanding the characteristics of clothes garments.

This illustrated dress guide from Joy of Clothes covers the 28 most popular dress types including Asymmetric, Maxi, Strapless and Waist dresses. Discover the dress type characteristics, when the type become popular and which designers and celebrities made famous. You can try on all the dress types on STYLE ME.

Take a look at our guide to dresses here, or go directly to a dress type with the links below.


1. Asymmetric Dresses
2. Babydoll Dresses
3. Belted Dresses
4. Bodycon Dresses
5. Bubble Dresses
6. Column Dresses
7. Corset Dresses
8. Cutout Dresses
9. Drop Waist Dresses
10. Empire Dresses
11. Fishtail Dresses
12. Fitted Dresses
13. Halter Dresses
14. Kimono Dresses
15. Maxi Dresses
16. Mini Dresses
17. Off the shoulder Dresses
18. One Shoulder Dresses
19. Shift Dresses
20. Shirt Dresses
21. Smock Dresses
22. Strapless Dresses
23. Tiered Dresses
24. Trench Dresses
25. T-Shirt Dresses
26. Tunic Dresses
27. Waist Dresses
28. Wrap Dresses

One of our better stores for helping you find the right dress for your body type is Nordstroms. Here’s a brief video on Nordstrom fit fundamentals-dresses by body type.

Now that you have the basics, let’s go to Nordstrom’s web guide with specific ideas on which dresses will best flatter your body type.

Our dressing styles will change throughout the years as we lose or gain weight or our body proportions change due to aging. . But even if we remain the same body shape throughout the years we need later in life different dress characteristics from a dress to make us look good e.g. shoulder pads to correct sloping shoulders; high quality fabric to create a clean silhouette, comfort in our dress to move with ease. Therefore our dressing style will change in regards how to create visual balance in our body silhouette.

Use this guide to help you determine the most flattering style of dress for your body shape. Check out the Style Me to understand the visual balance of any dress on your bofy shape and coloring.