Jul 10

Finding Your Feminine Side…..Then Knowing What To Do with Her

Finding Your Feminine Sideby Josett

Finding your feminine side is a lot easier as beauty consultant Josett coaches the transgender and crossdresser in make-up, fashion and the feminine lifestyle. I myself write fashion columns for the transgender community and found her advice practical and useful, particularly for the crossdresser with limited  public exposure. Her examples are all too real and demonstrate all too well that it is not easy to achieve a feminine appearance. And it’s not all about the clothes, but about comportment and confidence too. Josett talks about blending in, but some who are having that heady experience of the first time in public with a skirt on, it’s a pink fog; one that tends towards the ridiculous at times. When asking one client where she found her outfit, the response was ‘on a fashion show” Josett said, “Oh honey, you aren’t going to be walking the catwalk”.

I did disagree with her advice to go to the mall and watch the women. American women today have largely gone overboard with the casual look. Read that sloppy, with holes in jeans, too tight blouses, sweats and yes, even pajamas at the mall. Not a good example for any women that wants to be thought of as a smart dresser.

From not wearing men’s clothing, the wrong shoe, the right jewelry and other accessories, and most importantly, a good quality wig, Josett leads us through a plethora of options for clothes, make-up and mannerisms that will help us achieve just the right look for our body and personality. I certainly recommend this book to any beginning crossdresser and to probably a lot of women too that need to pay more attention to their looks. Basically a primer for the beginning crossdresser.

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