Aug 17

How To Tuck or Tucking 101

how to tuckTucking is definitely an art and not a science. Some of us do and some don’t, but knowing how is useful when it comes time to really showing our feminine nature, and when you want to wear that two piece bathing suit. It’s not difficult, it just takes practice. And if you know a drag queen, then perhaps some personal assistance will go a long way to get that image of a vagina down below.


Our favorite crossdresser (and drag queen), Vera Wylde, dealt with tucking in Crossdressing Tip #11, but her explanation may still leave some questions in your mind.

So let’s turn to Delia Melody, a 27 year old trans woman from Pensacola FL in her Comprehensive Guide to Tucking, a video with some rather graphic illustrations that clearly make the point on how to tuck

An even more graphic explanation comes from Translingerie (not an affiliate) but the explanation is so vivid that I had to include it.  Just follow these small, easy steps:

tucking from translingerie

1 Enter the testes in the lower abdomen, ie with the help of fingers you climb above the limb toward the mons.

2 Turn the empty skin of the scrotum was in buttocks, leaving as straight as possible, once you have stretched scrotum take the member to the same party, leaving him between the legs.

Once you have practiced and have done these steps, climb the panty and adjust so that will plane.

With this trick and our pledge will feel comfortable at all times, you can perform all the activities of our daily life.

If all that still makes you a little uncomfortable, then Alayna June assures us she has the secret to the most comfortable way to tuck

Here is another infographic on how to tuck

Creating the perfect tuck

One of the more detailed verbal descriptions is this one by Jamie Gendron, a transsexual lady of considerable beauty. Bear in mind that this description is graphic too Jamie’s How To is followed by a Wikihow article on tucking and another excellent video from Petrilude.

Finally, Princess Joules gives us her tips for tucking and now you know.

From Jamie Gendron

Upon request by Miss Lisa Lesher, I will do my best to break down the art and skill of properly tucking as a pre-op. I cannot demonstrate (lol) so words will have to suffice.

First of all, it depends on what type of underwear that you intend to use. Loose cotton panties or flimsy lacey g-strings are really only best once you are post-op. If you prefer a thong, I recommend going to a shop that specializes in clothes for strippers. Find thongs that are constructed from swimsuit materials and that feel like they are heavier and more durable than the thongs in average lingerie stores. Also check for sufficient width going between the legs. If you prefer panties over thongs, I recommend swimsuit bikini bottoms. With either choice, make sure to buy a size or two smaller than you would normally wear.

Now for the actual tucking part. Pull your underwear of choice up above your knees and stand with your legs open wide enough to keep the underwear taught. Then with one hand in front pushing your penis down and slightly back between your testicles, reach your other hand from behind and between your legs, until you can grab the head. As you pull your penis back between your legs, use the hand in front to both push down on the base of your penis as you use your free fingers on either side of the base, to push your testicles up and into the sockets in your pelvis.

Yes it hurts until you get used to doing it. Pull the head of your penis back and up tightly until you can clench and hold it there with your butt cheeks. Then pull up your underwear. Your penis will probably slip a little in the process of pulling your underwear up. Once they are up all of the way, just reach the hand in back, back down your underwear until you can grab the head again, and pull it back tightly again. Make sure that you tuck it well between your butt cheeks, so that your cheeks are assisting your underwear in holding it back tightly in place.

Then reach both hands down the front of your underwear and grab the loose scrotal skin (which if the first steps were done properly, should be an even amount of scrotal skin on each side of your tucked penis) Now fold the loose scrotal skin over your penis and position it so that it lines up touching in the middle, forming pseudo vaginal lips.

The final touch is to spread your legs again and using fingers from each hand, check the sides of the underwear from front to back, making sure that all penile and scrotal skin is completely covered and inside of the edges of the underwear. Make sure that you pull the underwear up high above your hips until the sides and back of them are even with your true waistline.

In other words, even with the height of your navel. If you don’t feel really smoothed out and secure, you may need to just start over again, but in time it will come to feel like second nature to you. Also always do a final check on your pseudo vaginal lips, to make sure they are folded over your penis and properly lined up in your underwear.

A side tip; if you’re not sure how secure the tuck and underwear feel, grab the sides in each hand, and twist and roll the sides until you feel the rest of the underwear constrict until everything feels tightly in place and the rolled up sides grab into your waist, both holding them in place, and you get the bonus benefit of them better defining your waist and accentuating your hips.

Traditional gaffs really aren’t necessary if you practice this method until you get it down pat. But getting the smallest size underwear that you can still get into is also key! I hope this helps some of you ladies! 🙂

Tucking and taping from Wikihow

From Princess Jules

 From Willam

If you haven’t experienced Willam Belli before (see Comedy Theater), that this draq queen’s approach to tucking will leave you amused and perhaps a little more knowledgeable on this special art of tucking