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A Magical Experience

What could be better than Latin dancing, Caribbean music, fantastic nightlife, a unique blend of Mayan and Spanish cultures, amazing architecture, unique cuisines, flamboyant fashion, and incredible hospitality and revelry   How about all this in Merida, a beautiful tropical city in the Yucatan with a European flair?

Dancing in merida

Enjoying casual nightlife, traditional Yucatecan dancing

Sister House and Pride World Travel is delighted to present Magic in Merida, a 7-day trip to Merida, Mexico. Merida, the capital city of the Yucatan, has become a hugely popular tourist attraction as it combines being a modern city of a million people while still being clearly tied to its ancient Mayan culture.   It’s a city filled with beautiful architecture from the colonial era and Yucatecans enjoying life through daily music and dancing.    It also happens to be not only the safest city in Mexico but also one of the safest in the world.    This is the Mexico of friendly people and swaying palms that’s far from the angry headlines we’ve all read. Read the comments of t-gals that have been to Merida and this glowing review about Mérida from Passport Mag. Merida is the friendliest LBGT city in Mexico.

shopping safety and culture

Traditional Mayan Ribbon Dance, Sunday shopping in Gran Plaza, our special Tourist Police

Of course it’s not always parades and finery.   There’s lots more to do here in the heart of the Yucatan.   You can take a carriage ride down the tree-line boulevard, visit casinos, go to the nearby beach town of Progreso, sample all kinds of food, visit galleries, talk to dressmakers or makeup professionals, or simply wander around the historic center of Merida.    For a more serious side, we’re a day trip away from Uxmel and other Mayan ruins, and we’re four hours from Cancun and Cozumel if you’d like to extend your stay.

carriages and casino

Carriage rides and casinos

progreso and city center

Our beach town of Progreso and the Merida Gran Plaza

markets and Chichen Itza

Lucas de Galvez daily market and old Mayan city of Chichen Itza

Plan now to spend 2019 with Sister House here in beautiful Merida in the heart of the Yucatan.    We promise it’ll be a trip to remember.

As guests in Mexico, our venue is more structured than events like Diva Las Vegas, but less structured than conventions like Southern Comfort. Most of our activities will be social, cultural, participatory and recreational in nature. I say social sharing, because we bring together women from different cultures to share in the fun and excitement of being a woman and experiencing and exploring our transgender lives together in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

There will be a Hospitality Suite in the hotel where you may go for information and assistance, or just to socialize, and Tasi and Fernanda will be available to guide you through all our activities. We will provide you a downloadable guide before the event and the same information will be in packet form when you arrive at the hotel.

The main menu has drop down menus with more information on the event. Our Schedule of Events gives a good overview of what you can expect at Magic in Merida. Our Venue covers registration, hotel and travel information, specific information on all of the events, dressing and behavior for Merida, information on our vendors and providers,  the payment process. and Testimonials. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list gives answers to anticipated questions. About Merida talks about safety, local events and attractions, and the LGBT scene that are in Merida and the Yucatan peninsula including tours and nightlife.

Where is Merida?

merida and Yucatan peninsula

Where we hope these pages cover all you want to know, but if you still have a question, you can chat on the forum (registration includes access to the forum) or send us a question at tasi@sisterhouse.net

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