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Air fares widely vary and are influenced by many factors including route, frequency of service, competition, day of week, advance booking, and so on. So the round trip air fares listed below from major cities to Merida are ballpark numbers only. The farther in advance that you book, the more likely you are to get a cheap air fare.

This will most likely be your single largest expense for the trip but comparatively speaking, your total cost for 5 days in Merida will be far less than you spend in major American cities. I’m told from a reliable source that a hamburger can now cost you $26 in New York city. That will buy a meal for a large family here.

Estimated air fares per person to and from Merida via United from these cities, as of 3-8-2014.. These rates are EXCLUSIVE of your available discounts – deduct 10%, Fares based on economy booked 60 days in advance

Seattle                    $696        12.5 hours

San Francisco        $686        13 hours

Los Angeles           $601          7 hours

Phoenix                  $756        23 hours

Denver                   $758          9 hours

St Louis                 $658         11.5 hours

Chicago                 $722         13 hours

Houston                 $601           2 hours

New Orleans          $654           3 hours

Columbus              $754          10.5 hours

Pittsburgh              $787           15 hours

Washington           $713             7 hours

Philadelphia          $787           13 hours

New York              $832            10.5 hours

Boston                  $696             12 hours

Atlanta                  $756               8 hours

Orlando                $721              13.5 hours


Toronto, ON         $883               11.5 hours

London, UK         $1559              18 hours

Frankfurt, DE        $1652                 18 hours






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