Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated March 5, 2014

This page answers most of the frequently-asked (and some not-so-frequently asked) questions about Magic in Merida and the Yucatan peninsula. If you need additional information, please e-mail: questions@sisterhouse.net.  The list is updated weekly.

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What is Magic in Merida

What do you do at Magic in Merida?

What’s the difference between Magic in Merida and other events such as Fantasia Fair, Diva Las Vegas, Southern Comfort, etc.?

Is Magic in Merida a sexually-oriented event?  NO

What if I have a question which is not covered by this FAQ? Check the other sections on this event site and if not answered, please contact Tasi at questions@sisterhouse.net


How do I register and does it cost anything to register?

I’m F to M, am I still welcome?  Most definitely.

I’m under 21 years of age, can I still attend? You need an accompanying adult to participate in event activities

Are spouses, significant others, and children welcome at Magic in Merida? Spouses and SO’s of age 21 or older are most welcome to attend and to participate with the group

When I get to Merida,  how do I “check in” and make contact with the group?

What is the deadline for registration? One week prior to the event.

What’s your policy on admirers? Are admirers welcome? This event is for transgender people and their spouses and family only.

What is expected of me? Are there any conditions of participation?

About how many people will be attending? Since this is the first event of it’s type in Merida, we have no firm estimate of attendees, although having 30-50 ladies attend would be wonderful.

Are single (unaccompanied) women (GG’s) allowed to attend? Allowed and encouraged. Several have already expressed some interest.


What are some of the activities that are planned? See our Schedule of Events.

How many meals are included? Breakfast is included in your daily room rate. Your registration fee includes the welcome meal and the gala dinner. See specific activities for other meals that are included


Where is everybody staying? Is there an official or host hotel?  The official guest hotel is the Hotel Castellano in Merida Centro – see Hotel section


Who’s speaking? Speakers will be listed in the final program. Except for presenters on makeup and deportment, we are not focused on TG topics but rather to expand your horizons of the world around you.

Are there any drag shows in Merida? Yes there are. See Merida attractions.These shows are outside the main city on the outer ring road and little to no English is spoken.

How about clubs and bars that are TG-friendly? Most clubs and bars are gay-friendly, particularly those in the centro area. We have listed the more popular ones under Merida attractions.


Can I really go out dressed in Merida?

Is there any dress code for Magic in Merida? What should I plan to bring to wear?

What do you suggest I do if I want to attend but I’ve never been out in public before?

Are changing facilities available?


About how much does it cost to attend Magic in Merida?

I’m on a very tight budget but I still want to attend. What advice can you give me?


What’s your policy on photography?

I’m a reporter/photographer/writer/whatever and want to cover your event. What do I need to do?   Contact Tasi at questions@sisterhouse.net

Behavior, Dress, Restrooms

What is the basis of the BDR guidelines? Common sense and cultural norms in Merida

Why do you have so many rules?  To avoid any misunderstandings and embarrassment to participants

What is the legal status regarding public restrooms in the Merida area?

So, what does all of this mean? Which restroom should I use?

Visiting Merida

I’m in need of a makeover, a wig, lingerie, shoes, clothing. Where can I go? Your selection is very limited. We will have makeover and photography services in the hotel and/or at special events. You need to bring the rest with you

How should I dress when I go out in Merida? The general rule of thumb is that your outfit should be age-appropriate and size-appropriate for you, as well as occasion-appropriate for the time, place, and circumstance of the activity at hand.

Email, Media, and Contact

What is the best e-mail address to use to send e-mail to Magic in Merida? Questions @sisterhouse.net

Who, exactly, receives e-mail addressed to MiM? Tasi

I sent in e-mail and never received a response, what should I do? E-mails sometimes get lost. Resend the email and note Second Request in the heading

Are there any postal mail or voice telephone contacts for MiM?  Postal mail to Mexico  can take weeks. if your matter is urgent, You can contact Tasi at 765-381-0567

Do you have any kind of a banner exchange or link exchange program?  Yes. Contact Tasi. However most major conferences are listed on Sister House here. We would be pleased to expand on your listing on a reciprocal basis.

Do you ever sell or give out your mailing lists?  Absolutely NOT. You can read our privacy Policy here


Who sponsors Magic in Merida? Sister House LLC

Is Magic in Merida affiliated with any other TG events? No

What about handicapped facilities? Some facilities, largely handicapped parking and ramps are available at major store and mall locations

Will there be any vendors there? Are there any shops in the area that cater to TG people? There may be a few vendors – see the vendors section. Clothing stores do not carry the larger U.S. sizes that most of us wear. All stores in our recommended list are TG-friendly. Other stores are unlikely to even notice as long as you act like a lady.

I don’t know anybody else who’s going. I feel a bit uneasy, kind of like I’m not going to be part of the “club”

I’m a vendor, can I come and try to sell my stuff to your people? Contact Tasi at questions@sisterhouse.net

I don’t have Internet access and I am serious about attending. What are my options?

What’s the weather  in Merida during the event.  Daily temperatures in February will vary between 65°F and 85°F with an occasional rain shower in the late afternoon.  You can check the Merida weather here

What warnings, cautions, and suggestions do you have?