Is There Any Dress Code for Magic in Merida

We ask that you dress in a presentable manner, in good taste, and in a manner appropriate to the activity at hand, while with the group. We also ask that you refrain from dressing or acting in a manner intended to flaunt transgenderism or in a manner intended primarily to attract attention.

Magic in Merida is not  a “Fetish and Fantasy” event so be forewarned. Clubwear, fetish wear, costumes, etc., are not permitted except for specific  activities (our day at the beach)

Dress for activities held in mainstream (general public) locations should be appropriate for the occasion

General dress guidelines will be suggested for each MiM event.

Casual to moderately dressy attire, is acceptable at all MiM activities except the gala dinner.

Casual attire is encouraged for some activities such as shopping and side trips.

Dressy and formal attire is encouraged for our more upscale evening activities.


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