Measurements – the How Tos

Each dress is custom made according to your measurements so it’s important that you measure well. We strongly recommend that you have your measurements  taken with a soft tape  by a professional or as a minimum with the help of another person.  Each dress will go through a quality control process to be sure it meets the requirements sent to us before shipping. If your measurements were not accurate for whatever reason, you will need to have final alterations  done locally

Please follow the measurement instructions, and measure yourself carefully.

Measurement Methods

To get an accurate body measurement, always keep the tape parallel to the floor when measuring. Wear undergarments only (what you would wear under this dress) including your normal breast forms. Do not measure over clothing

Measuring dress

Detailed measurements needed for a dress


Please provide the  following information in either centimeters or inches. The seamstress will convert inch measurements to centimeters

1.Full Bust =       cm___inches

2. Waist =       cm___inches

3. Hips =       cm___inches

4. Upper Bust =       cm__inches  (measure from front of armpit to front of armpit)

5. Upper Back =       cm__inches  (measure from armpit to armpit parallel to floor along bra line)

6Upper Arm length (shoulder to elbow) =       cm__inches

7Lower Arm Length (elbow to wrist) =       cm__inches *please bend your elbow when taking these measurements

8. Armseye =       cm__inches

9. Arm Girth =       cm__inches

10. Shoulder to Neck =       cm__inches

11. Shoulder to Waist (front)=       cm__inches

12. Shoulder to Waist (back)=       cm__inches

13. Waist to Floor =       cm__inches

14. Height =       cm__inches


Skirt Length Measurement:

Skirt length measurements should be taken from your natural waist to your desire skirt length. You can also measure length of your existing best fitted skirt.


measuring skirt length

Color Chart  

See chart below. Please provide us your first and second choices of color. We will attempt to match availability to your desired color and if not available, we’ll provide you a sample of the closest available color. Just remember that computers sometimes render colors differently.

color chartl





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