Travel Clothing Tips

First, remember you are traveling from a likely cold weather climate to the tropics which is sandal weather all year around. You’ll want to bring your favorite pieces of clothing but the airlines do place limits on size and weight of check-in and carry-on bags. be familiar with those limits (visit our travel section).So what to do. Here are some helpful hints form “Fashion for Real Women

Make a Clothing Plan

When you cross the equator, the seasons change. When you cross the 30° parallel, the climate changes. When you go across country, formality levels change. In fact, the only place things are “just like home” is…at home. So if you want to be comfortable when you travel, do a little research before you go. What’s the weather like? The culture? The levels of formality? How does all of it impact your wardrobe? If you determine exactly what you need to wear each day and for each event, you’ll be able to pack appropriately.

Decide on a Color Scheme

If you limit the colors you wear to a handful of your very best, not only will you look good in everything, you’ll open up a world of mixing and matching possibilities – while also limiting the number of pieces you need. Last minute invitations? Another round of interviews? You can do it with what you brought. You also cut way down on the number of accessories you need.

travel clothing tips
Limit the Shoes

I know this is a challenge for those of you who have “thing” for shoes, but if you limit the number of shoes you take to three – including the pair you wear when you travel – you’ll not only free up tons of space in your suitcase, your luggage will also weigh a lot less. How, you ask? See tip #2. You can easily make your shoes look different by adding shoe clips (really great idea). Fun…and light!

Here’s a short video on packing tips

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