What warnings, cautions, and suggestions do you have?

Just a final reminder on dress. Avoid appearing in mainstream public settings in any manner of dress that might be too attention-getting or provocative even though Mexican women wear all manner of short and sometimes provocative dress themselves.

Magic in Merida is not a dressing free-for-all! Appropriate dress is expected for all MiM activities. The dress for activities held in public locations should be appropriate for the occasion.

If you don’t pass well, avoid public restrooms unless you are very sure there will be no objections from management or public. Do not use women’s facilities in public parks.

There is no normal dress for women in Merida. It varies from casual (meaning jeans) to dresses and skirts. You will find a higher proportion of better dressed women here than all but the largest U.S. cities. Mexican women pride themselves on their dress and form fitting clothing is the norm. They particularly love their shoes and high heels are more common than not. Still, save your fishtail evening gown for the Gala Ball.

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