Natural Posing By Rita

Rita DoyleWhether you are the photographer or somebody else is holding the camera as you are posing, you can get some very alluring pictures with just these few helpful hints. Don’t spend a lot of money in professional studios.  

When I take my own photos I always study facial and body expressions from magazines and videos. Even when posing with a group of friends you must try to be feminine in the way you smile and stand in front of the camera. I have seen many group photographs of trans girls and GGs  as well where they stand like facing a firing squad. 

Rita and Friends

Be gracious, be woman like, display your legs and feet like a woman. I always admire the photos shown on this and other websites of DonnaKelly, she’s so feminine. She really knows how to pose, and her taste for clothes helps a lot too. Copy her and others who show that kind of femininity. (Look at our Stylish Crossdressers in the Dressing Room)



Needless to say that the way you walk can or cannot give you away. I know that this is hard for many who are used to present the “macho” image, but if you feel embarrassed or ashamed of feeling “sissy”, unless you can overcome those feelings, my advice is: stay indoors and dress indoors. The pictures below show how I take my cross dressing to a higher level. Portrait photos can help in rehearsing those dramatic  expressions like the professional models and actresses. 

Rita Doyle posing sitting

Rita Doyle posing sitting

Rita Doyle posing standing

Put  drama in your poses, be lovely, passionate, flirtatious, sexy.

Let the girl in you out, in full.  Thanks to digital cameras you can do a great job.

Afraid to feel effeminate and feel like a sissy?  Well, I got news for you, if  for whatever intimate reason we like to wear women’s clothes , WE ARE SISSIES!  So what!  Be a sissy but a brave one and kick ass as a woman. You can always return later to you macho man image.

My posing, gestures, etc. are the result of more than 50 years of observing women, but only those who impressed me the most for their feminine elegance and facial expressions. I even watched my Mother and other ladies of the family. Now all that has become second nature to me as Rita

And be sure to read Nora’s article on How To Pose For The  Camera.



2 thoughts on “Natural Posing By Rita

  1. Rita, Great posts… appreciate it. You are a beautiful woman. Your style of posing and showing just enough leg is so feminine. DonnaKelli is another beautiful woman, who knows exactly what she wants to look like. She is beautiful, too


  2. Rita, you are a true Gem among we TG women, it has been an honor to be counted as one of your friends. Thank you for the overwhelmingly gracious comments regarding my Style, it’s something I work very hard at and try to share with any TG women who want help. I look forward to seeing you and Diane at Sparkle in October…be safe..DonnaKelli.

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