Without a Smile You Are Never Fully Dressed

You have to love,
to be in love,
to love that feeling,
to be happy and free….
…have you got that love in you?

Some of us express these feelings in our music.
What a great way to celebrate our feminine side!
I love to get out there on the dance floor in my heels and a skirt.
Something I do not usually do, which makes it all the more fun!

I just can’t stop smiling when I am in sync with my feminine side,
The positive energy one gets when experiencing a heavenly glee that surrounds your pampered side.
It’s a girly girl attitude that we can all use to enhance our everyday lives.
To get that attitude, we must look our best and be somewhat serious about our looks!

There’s no fooling around, wear sensual lingerie,
the kind of foundations and soft fabrics you would like to see on other girls.
Maybe a silk blouse, a tulip skirt, and pretty high heels.
Take the time to do your make-up…you can be so pretty if you try hard enough.

Make sure you have cute locks of flowing hair on your head,
accessorize with a barrette or a embellished headband.
Then there’s jewelry and perfume to complete the experience!

If you take the time, with a little effort, you can look better than some genetic girls in today’s society.
And that is the ultimate gleeful feeling, as your confidence soars and attitude rises to the point,
where you to are dancing in high heels and swinging in you flowing skirt!
Have fun and try to be a girl girl in everything you do, it can be a heavenly experience.

Because you are never fully dressed without a Smile!


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