A Very Pleasant Seven Hours

marie green seven hours

It was to be a very pleasant seven hours which stated with dropping the dog off at the kennel the previous evening, then selecting several outfits and essentials and packing all in the car allowing an early start on the four-hour drive to the big city. Weather was clear, traffic was light and almost no eighteen-wheelers.  Easy trip cut 30 minutes off normal time.  This provided sufficient time to don the flowing black slacks and a new silky white blouse with black trimmed neck line and folded back three-quarter sleeves, complimentary three-inch Wedges and matching jewelry including bracelet, necklace and earrings.

All together a very comfort, feminine and summer cool outfit and exuded a total well put together woman as I strolled from the parking lot to the “Make-Over” studio shop where my favorite magician performed miracles.  We always have a great time with a steady flow of GIRL talk with her ALWAYS adding something new to my facial image.  She always does a fantastic job, however this time she excelled creating a glorious pallet, the best to-date.

I knew it was pleasing, but it was not until I entered an adjacent dress store and began a three-way dialog with the two-person staff about a stunning one-piece yellow pants-suit that I had spotted in the window.  I had been searching for this style of a summer treasure without any luck and suffering at least two previous disappointments in the process.  Hoped my luck had changed.  It was not to be. There were two hanging on the rack-sizes were 2x and 3x.  Too large for this girl which both of sales staff concurred with and offered to remove the window display piece, a 1X and so I could try it on.  I was momentarily stunned by the offer which I considered not only a credit to my tasteful outfit but more so to the magnificent Make-Over that my Cosmetic Guru had accomplished.

This was a first and although delightfully tempting, gracefully declined as had noticed the Dressing Room area was only screened by a drape and envisioned being half way through the changing process and one of SLs poking her head in asking if I needed any help.  Although my bra and panties fit well and overall presentation was a nicely turned out womanly profile, choose not to run the risk of creating an embarrassing situation.  With my decline said thank you to the ladies for the suggestion but doubted if my size 8-10 would do the 1x adequate justice and exited after a brief chorus of “Thank You-s for dropping by and do come back.” which I responded with a cheerful “Definitely”. Left there with warm contented feeling of my femininity as strolled to the car.

Left there with another notch in my confidence factor and drove to my long-time friend and Girl Guide’ studio.  We greeted each other with a long hug and she immediately gushed about how “gorgeous” I looked and what a wonderful job the Make-Over lady had done. She commented several times during the next four hours on how well this girl looked.  Beginning to think I had achieved another plateau in my feminine presentation.

We spent the next two hours or so the usual fashion show mode with me modelling some of my new acquisitions and receiving constructive critics, actually a host of compliments and suggestions. After the twirling, walking and posing with a range of smiles for the camera, my Girl Guide being an accomplished photographer decided it was time to grab a bite to eat.  Another quick change and light touch up of face and dash of perfume and off we went to a rather upscale restaurant to celebrate the day.  As we entered were immediately greeted “Welcome ladies – Party of two, table or booth? by a male baritone voice.  I chirped a response “Yes, a booth please”. Then we were escorted to a small roundish banquette.  As we slid in the well-padded red leather, baritone issued a dual compliment – May I say you both look particularly charming this evening. Please enjoy your meal. Your waitress “Maria” will be with you momentarily”.

marie Green seven hours

When our young but very professional waitress arrived my table mate, claiming exhaustion ordered black coffee, whereas I who was on very pleasant cloud nine requested a split of Italian Prosecco.

Our dinner selections were both well presented, and delicious, and the iced water glasses never neglected. Maria provided very pleasant and attentive service and we commented on similarity of our names and thanked her for her gracious service and we would ask for her on our next visit.  Paid the check, gather our purses, detoured to the Ladies Room, which was very tastefully decorated with three make up stations plus a comfy settee. 

As we exited spotted Maria and waved and blew her air kisses. With that “Baritone” materialized and escorted us to the lobby and opened the doors for us.  We both thanked him, commenting that was very gracious gesture.  He responded nothing but the best.  We were floating as we gained the car and drove back to the studio.  Twenty minutes of Girl Talk and sleep land was calling.  Quick warm hugs and this adventure was concluded.  Wonderful close to a wonderful and extremely pleasant seven hour memory.

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