Are you a Girly Girl Inside?

I don’t know about you, but for me, being a girly girl starts with a feeling inside you.

Being girly is almost a artful ambition, knowing colors look better if they are defined within a black border.
It’s a demeanor, being a bit passive, soft spoken…not too bold, flamboyant, and boister-ous.
It’s possibly why we like to wear lite pink and pastel colors and dress ourselves in soft fabrics.

Being a girly girl, when you can…“and you know you want to”,
is a experience everyone should be able to en-joy…because it is a wonderful way to be!

Trying on lingerie, finding the slip that is so silky to the touch….
…the bra and panty set that fits you like a glove, and contours yourself into a feminine form you didn’t even know you could have!
The make-up that transforms your face into a flawless looking femme fatal ageless beauty….is that really me, in the mirror????

Being a girly girl is also about going through the mo-tions…wearing those high heels that you always admired…“they’re sooo cute!”
Walking the walk….down the street and hearing yourself, heels “clicking on the sidewalk”
…and echoing against the buildings as people turn their heads to witness your coming out in a most feminine way possible!
It shouldn’t be scary for you,
because inside, your confidence shows, you know…you’re a girly girl!

And they all…want to be like you!

We all want the attention, the admiration, and envy…to be beautiful, stylish, a trend setter.
When you feel that girly girl inside you, remember to gather all your knowledge about those feminine past experiences…what worked for you, and what didn’t…
and put them into the forefront of your mind.
Become the confident girl you want to be, with all you senses of touch, feeling soft and luxurious.
Sight, looking feminine with makeup, lashes, hair, clothes…the works!
Smell, perfume and dainty flowery scents even if it’s deodorant, body splash, or fabric spray.
Even the smell of hair spray has been known to bring images to peoples minds of their Mothers and Sisters!
Sound, some of the most noticable feminine traits come from high heels, soft spoken tones, and dangling charms on a bracelet!

Embrace your inner Diva my friends, no matter what gender your God gave you!
Remember, you should be the person that dictates what you want to experience in your life!
After all, you are not breaking any laws here, you are just expressing your feminine self, that is inside you!
There is nothing wrong being a girly girl, feeling feminine, looking pretty, and having the admiration of others.
It is a human trait we all have and is something we all desire.
Fulfill you inner self and become the girly girl you want to be!
For an hour, a day, all weekend….stay inside, go out, or toast the town!
You will be surprised how far a little confidence will take you, the experience is breath taking and is very enjoyable, you will see.
Next time you get girly, take a few pictures and remember the moment, they will become your most memorable moments in your life…

…moments you will never forget!

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