Donnakelli Out with the Girls and their Wives

Donnakelli has been out with the girls and their wives to many fun places in the last several months. I know it’s been awhile since my last column here at Sister House, but we had some minor glitches with the web service. All seems well now.  And since I’ve been a busy girl,  I’ll get right to it. I’m going to try and catch up as much as I can because there’s a lot coming up in the next few months.

First in Jan 2018 we made a trip to Las Vegas and met with 4 other couples, we stayed at Treasure Island and went Line Dancing at Gilley’s every opportunity we got.  Both pics were taken at Gilley’s. We wore cowgirl boots, jeans, and loose tops in the tradition of western wear and fit in very nicely.  We were the only T-girls and had no shortage of cowboys inviting us to the dance floor.

Donnakelli and friends

L- Michelle, DonnaKelli, Heidi Phox and Grace Amor R- Gina Lee, DonnaKelli and Heidi Phox

Another evening out we ventured to the Mirage Casino for dinner at Stocks Restaurant and then on to the Cirque De Soleil Beatles show.

Donnakelli and friends in las Vegas and fr

L- Heidi, Nikki, Sarah, Lynnea, DonnaKelli and Gina Lee R- the Beatles Show

We had just left the restaurant to walk over to the Beatles show. I wore a print dress from Chaps and a pair of 4 inch black ankle strap pumps from Nine West and all my jewelry was silver from Brighton.  People kept asking if Lynnea and I were sisters because we dress and look very much alike.

While waiting in the will call line I was invited to go with what looked like staff backstage, I advised them I was with 5 other ladies and declined the invitation, they looked like they were having a great party though..

When I approached the woman at the counter I gave her my printout for the seats, she said no problem here they are then stopped and said do you have the credit card these were reserved with, then further said these were reserved in (My male name) and asked if he was here and could I go get him.  I showed her the credit card and said I’m him, she looked at me kind of funny , I apologized for not having female ID with me and she said “girlfriend this is Vegas and you got me”….I smiled and thanked her for the compliment…after the show myself , Heidi Phox and Gina lee decided to visit the Flex club.

Donna Kelli and friends at Flex club

Pictured are Heidi Phox, DonnaKelli, Michelle and Gina Lee

 We always try and visit the club because its got a great owner and they do a very nice drag show late in the evening in Vegas.

We concluded the 4 day event/trip with dinner at Capo’s Speakeasy, it’s a really fun Italian Mob themed restaurant with fabulous Chocolate Martini’s.  The food is great and the atmosphere is always fun, you can’t walk in the front door because it doesn’t have one you must go to the back inside a service entrance and when you knock a picture opens and the wiseguy asks who sent youse….of course you’ve been supplied with a password but they still make the gangster old Vegas theme fun. 

Donnakelli and friends at Capo's Speakeasy

L- Heidi Phox, Nora Simone, DonnaKelli and Gina Lee. R- Lynnea and DonnaKelli at Capo’s Speakeasy.

Donnakelli and friends

L- Heidi Phox, DonnaKelli and Gina Lee, R- DonnaKelli and Heidi Phox having a little fun posing

I wore a Gold lace top with a black under shirt from Venus and a Black velvet print NY&Co. skirt with Gold and black 4 inch pumps from Aldo’s.  I think the skirt was a bit short as did my spouse but the girls and gang at Capo’s thought it was fine.

This trip is always special because we do everything with our spouses/significant other and they have all become good friends, it has helped many couples to better understand that being TG doesn’t mean your relationship is over, quite the contrary it can enhance a couples understanding of each other.

Next was a Night out in L.A. at the World famous Cicada Club, it’s the old Oviatt bldg. which was a haberdashery for stars like Bogart, Clarke Gable and Sammy Davis Jr.  When you arrive you feel like you just walked into a 1930’s movie everyone is in character and costume and the music is swing.  The club is beautifully ornate, I took too many pics to show all of them here but there are several more on my FB page if interested.  I wore a Blue and Gold lace dress from Elacacentro with gold and black 4 inch pumps and gold jewelry. 

Donnakelli and Gina Lee at Cicada Club

Donnakelli (L) and Gina Lee (R) entering the cicada Club with the doorman

Donnakelli and Gina Lee at Cicada Club

(L) DonnaKelli inside Cicada Club and (R) DonnaKelli with Gina Lee after dinner at Cicada Club

I went back to Cicada club when my girlfriend Heidi Phox visited me and here are a few more pics inside the club..

Donnakelli and friends at Cicado Club

L- Lynnea, Nikki, DonnaKelli and Heidi. R- DonnaKelli in the upstairs Bar/Lounge area.

I wore a blue Velvet dress by Maggy London and matching blue velvet retro shoes and simple silver jewelry. Heid wore a red cold shoulder evening gown with strappy 4 inch black heels.

Donnakelli at Cicada Club

Cicada Club is a fabulous night out in downtown L.A.

Then moving on my friend Marilyn was visiting Palm Springs so we went out for dinner at Shame on the Moon for her Birthday, I wore a dress from Northstyle and a pair of 3 inch Classic pumps in taupe.

Donnakelli and friend marillyn at Shame on the Moon

The following night we went to Melvyn’s for drinks and dancing..

Donnakelli and Marilyn at Melvyns

I wore another summer dress from Northstyle and the same Taupe Classic pumps I had packed for the short trip.

Finally I just attended my Aesthetic Offices Summer party, Dr. Sharen Jeffries has these for patients and guests about 4 times a year in each season, this one was a summer luau theme.. I wore another Northstyle summer dress with 3 inch heels and of course when we arrived we got lei’ed , pun intended. They put a lei of flowers around each lady’s neck.

Donnakelli, Lynnea and Dr Jeffries

L to R – Dr Sharen Jeffries of Sage Cosmetics in Redlands Ca., DonnaKelli and Lynnea

Sage is a wonderful place to get facials, laser treatments or many other types of beauty and skincare treatments.

sage cosmetics

If you need any procedures or just want a consult call them Ashley is very friendly and professional.

Ok girls the final thing I forgot I attended a Concert called “Jump in the Line” the music of Harry Bellafonte, it was wonderful…we have season theater seats so I am able to go frequently.  I wore another Northstyle dress for the concert with 3 inch heels.

Donnakelli in 3 in heels

OK girls I’ve tried to catch up but truly feel I’ve skimmed over much of what has happened and all the fashion and trends for summer.  Remember dress for you and your body style, wear colors that work well with your skin tone and hair, and always be you, don’t try to be someone else, but be the best version of you that you can be. Always be confident and know you have a place in the world and don’t have to lock yourself away. Get out there and have fun.

Now its time for me to sign off but I will be back sooner with another column, by the way in 2014, I won the Grand Championship at Glamour boutiques annual contest. I was coaxed into entering again this year after 4 years away from contests and placed 2nd…not bad for this old girl..

I’ll be back with a column hopefully focusing on TG’s and their spouses, my wife has graciously accepted the challenge of writing about our story…I’ve live it but frankly can’t wait to read it…LOL

OK as always be safe out there girls…here is the last thing I bought this week, Summer PJ’s and it’s time for this girl to get some sleep.

Donnakelli in her pajamas

Warm Hugs,

By: DonnaKelli                                                                                                   

 Fashion and Style Columnist

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