Gentle Reminders Of Femininity

marie ann greene showing her femininity

The human female has so many more gentle reminders of femininity compared to the human male. How often or in how many occasions or circumstances does the human male feel manly or proud to be a male? Hard question to answer without some thought. If sexual prowess is excluded from the list, few answers or situations might include graduating at the top of an academic pyramid, scoring the winning goal in a sports competition, husband of a glorious women, being the father of a healthy newborn child, walking down the aisle as the father of the bride, another, might be recognized as a professional in his chosen occupation, another might be serving in a family, neighborhood or national protective role such as: fireman, police officer, medical professional, or National Guard.

feelings that fathers haveHowever, are there daily or internal gratifying reminders of maleness? I suggest there are few, certainly when compared to the multiple enjoyable reminders of femininity that the human female experiences on a daily, conceivably an hourly basis beginning at a very young age possibly as early as seven years old with that pretty pink or white Organdy Birthday dress or Easter Outfit from shoes to a ribbon or bow in the hair and a dash of Mommy’s perfume.

With these thoughts as a backdrop Marie began an effort set out some of the many small “enjoyments” that can routinely accrue to the “Fairer Gender”. As Marie entered into this uncharted area, there was an unfounded “guess-estimate” that the number might range between 40 to 50 “events, actions, movements or feelings”.

Where to begin this evaluation and ultimate tabulation? Dawn or Dusk? Noon to noon? After pondering and evaluating the benefits of each, elected to just start by listing a few that came to mind and then let the routine and events of the day add to the catalogue. Some may be mundane and others would not have registered in your own consciousness. The first 25-30 were conjured up last night as was laying in bed and had completed reading a segment of the high-end magazine “NEW BEAUTY – The Beauty Authority”. Small detour: Have found this magazine to be an excellent source for Beauty Happenings, Skin Care and products from the affordable to the financially out of my world. Specialty articles, often treat health subjects such as Busting Out in the Spring/Summer issue provides a primer on breast enhancement.

legs showing getting out of carNow back to our ever-growing catalog:

How about the feminine picture you paint sliding into or exiting the driver’s (or any seat) of a car. Your legs and derriere are briefly on display and broadcast the presence of a female. YOU!

woman sitting at bar showing her FemininityHow about when you sitting on a high stool whether at the breakfast bar, a local lunch eatery or in the evening at a bar/cocktail lounge. Your attire changes with each setting but your posture and sense of femininity is always on display. With practice and self-confidence, it can give you a joyful girlish boost. Of course, the graceful motion of placing one leg over the other and gently swinging the suspended footwear is another self-feminizer.

woman relaxing on sofa showing her FemininityTaking that glass of wine over to the sofa or love seat to watch TV or listen to your favorite music and the gently curling up with your legs tucked under you and wearing a full floating or abbreviated skirt or short-shorts and can solicit a feeling of your femininity. This simple act is further enhanced when you glance down to straighten the folds of the skirt and your eyes automatically sweep over and recognize those special symbols of femininity.

woman sweeping hair back showing her FemininityNow to some smaller gestures in the encyclopedia of Femininity. The casual simultaneous sweeping of the hair back behind the ears either for temporary cooling, to listen better to a phone conversation, or tilt the head first to the right, then the left to place those elegant earrings in just the right spot where they will be able peak out with a glimmer of glamor or simple femininity. Of course, another related movement that combines the movement of the female crowning glory is the graceful smoothness of encircling and hooking a selected bauble on its gold chain behind the neck then swinging the mane back and forth to engineer the natural fall to properly frame the coyly smiling face.

woman with pouty lops showing her FemininityStaying in the same facial realm, there are more than a few exclusive feminine gestures which combine to create the beauty image that is the “right” of all females. Each requires a slightly but unique cant of the head, opening of the eyes, pouting of the lips and again movement of strands of hair. Each of these when being performed is decidedly female and reinforces the sense of femininity. Lining the eye-brows, applying eye shadow, eye liner, lash mascara and most decidedly any one of the wide range of lip colors from bright red to delicately pink depending on the mood desired. All provide a special aspect of the unique portrait and aspect of a feminine personality that is you.

Jumping back in time and the process of preparing a lady to take-on, enjoy and conquer the day or evening and the challenges expected and unexpected that lay ahead is the “Wake-Up” shower. Nor does she jump out of bed like a recruit at a military, or para-military booth camp. She stretches ever so gracefully, from toe to neck, lets out a tiny moan of protest and out of the covers, coming to a sitting position

Grabs the robe she had discarded the evening before, shrugs into it and bends over sliding her freshly manicured and gleaming feet into a pair of pearl encrusted slippers.

lady on toiletNeither does a lady just does not jump into the shower. A short toilet ritual is an essential. It will include brushing of the teeth and small cold-water massage of the face and forehead. Possibly followed by another normal ritual and hint at your inner femininity occurs in the privacy of the ladies’ room while occupying the porcelain Thrown and you hear the quiet, almost demur tinkle of a spring shower rather the noisy, splashing and splattering of a towering waterfall. This is most certainly neater and definitely Lady Like.

Now stepping over the frosted shower chamber she will carefully step into the gentle warming flow of liquid rejuvenation followed by a gentle body scrub with a perfumed soap laden multi-colored “Body Puff Net” sponge which in itself – the gentle scrubbing and caressing of the -vintage-pretty-lingeriesun-tanned skin is feminine joy. But I did jump ahead at least one step in this essentially female ritual. The precursor choice is selection and positioning of the appropriate lingerie to complement also pre-selected outwear. These delicates are hung adjacent to the toweling area or laid out on the nearby bed ready adorn the soft skin of the perfumed body that exits the shower chamber and is immediately wrapped in an oversized fluffy lamb’s wool pink towel. In Marie’s opinion all of these preparations are a reflection of her inherent femininity. Do you not agree?

Woman looking in the mirror_opt.pngOnce out of the shower, although still wrapped in the comfy folds of the towel with it secure just above the breast line, there is an appraising look in the mirror while applying face and throat cream, then reach for the blue handled hair brush followed by shaping the style you favor for the day, or at least the start of the day. A few simple strokes culminating with two face framing bobs and your portrait pallet is ready for some added artistry, but first comes the lowering of the fluffy towel after slipping into the bra of the day and stepping into delicate matching panties. Quickly but expertly applying a little black eye-liner, blusher and lipstick – now things are coming together and the sense of a girl is growing exponentially. Another quick look and possibly a twirl or two, a spritz of that new perfume and on with the sky blue sleeveless shorty cover up. .

Marie Greene in light blue coverup showing her Femininity

There is no sense of embarrassment but rather a special slightly proud feminine sensation being clad in only a silhouette accentuating, pretty short nightie gown or slip which with the proper bra does wonders for allowing your breast to show the proper amount of cleavage. All to remind you of your femininity. Another small reminder which may occur occasionally during the day is the bra strap that slides off the shoulder and must be returned to its proper position. Another is the frequent application of a scented hand lotion. Still another is creaming of your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, decolletage and breasts all of these enhance your femininity.

woman putting on heels showing her FemininityAt this point you are altogether at least enough for breakfast, the news and E-Mail catch up and flitting around the kitchen and a few housekeeping rituals. Your overall feminine euphoria is further accentuated when you detect a whiff of your talc or body cream as you take up a position sitting on the edge of the not yet made bed, to slip on two-inch open toe wedges. Bending over, you feel the cushion of your breasts as you reach to close the strap catches. Another gentle reminder of your femininity. Where are we in our count? Who knows/ Who cares?

Leaving the carpeted bedroom area and walking down the wooden hallway one foot directly ahead of the other and my hips moving in tandem and the coolness of the AC licking my bare legs, felt ready to face the world just so I did not have to go far at this hour of the morning. Hit the TV remote and hot water machine for the morning tea. set about retrieving cereal bowl, mug, juice glass and spoons. Then scooped the puppy dog off the floor her tucked under my right arm and grabbed her lease from the door knob and flew out the side door for her favorite sniffing spot. No neighbors afoot this time of the morning, and even so none would recognize me as anything but Bruce’s favorite lady friend visiting. Another feeling of inner feminine satisfaction – Marie is the GIRL FRIEND.

Disney princess pillowsDetour over, Puppy content on sofa with her treat, TV news on nothing important, tea ready, grab cereal from top shelf, and milk from frig all routine Girl (or boy) chores but feels better flitting around in Wedgies and a silk cover-up rather than clumping around in clodhoppers. Next came changing the sheets, placing the half dozen Disney Princess pillows just right and the throwing the stripped sheets into the wash, adding soap and pushing some more buttons. Dull but essential and certainly better than the washboard of our grandmother’s day.

Another hip swaying-walk back to kitchen to empty the dishwasher. This routine mundane chore if done with the correct aplomb can be very gracefully feminine and rewarding. Bending over slightly to retrieve each piece and placing it on the counter with its mates, the opening the appropriate glass inlaid closet door and with a tiny flourish stretching to place the crystal wine glasses in position and admiring my smooth, immaculately manicured and polished nails in that movement was another small pleasure. Then smoothly shifting my body posture to allow for the proper placement of the juice glasses, tea and coffee cups and cereal bowls as well as the gold trim dinner monogrammed chinaware. With a gentle bump of the hip closed silver ware draw. The next and last house chore was removing the spare sheets, pillow cases and towels from the dryer and folding them for their own placement. Catching a whiff of the lemon scent from the washing process during the folding exercise is another tiny reminder of my inclination toward femininity. Overall a pleasant experience

Had some CDs and a book to take back to the library. Just drop off so Marie could accomplish those chores without any identification questions – Had Bruce’s card in purse anyway. However, since Marie was definitely going downtown a change in wardrobe was called for – still comfortable and casual but with a little more skin covered up and face fully illuminated. Decided to make the trip worthwhile and get a manicure and pedicure. Called for an appointment and made on for 11:30, more than enough time to do the library drop off, grab a mid-morning cup of coffee and still have coddles of time to spare so hit the favorite book store and picked up the new edition of “New Beauty”, (my beauty conscious) to browse while at the Nail shop. Spent a calm and partially chatty GIRL time with Debby who had done my nails at least twice before. They looked fabulous and shining like diamonds when I walked (almost floated) out of the shop. Worth several feminine recharging units.

Marie Greene reflects her Femininity while walking outside

So much for that detour. Now on to a topic which is very special to us Gals – Friendship. While chatting with one of my Gal friends who is more than a friend she and Marie are essentially sisters, at least that is the way it seems to Marie. We have laughs and share little secrets with a giggle. She complements my girl feelings possibly because of the seven other women who work in the shop, I suspect she may be the only one who truly enjoys being a girl with all the frivolity and femininity it connotes, while the others are women and physically configured as such do not (or should I say any longer) have that special sense and joy of being a female and being a joyful mom. She has brought two boys, now men, into this world and rejoices in that role as well being part of a romantic young at heart couple.

woman washing handsNow back to our survey. Rinsing your hands after applying a hand lotion, you may admire those smooth digits and the beautifully shaped and perfectly polished nails peeking back at you as you dry your hands. Another reminder of your femininity is that engagement ring and a possible companion that adorn your manicured fingers. Thinking back to making that hip wiggling walk in my wedges between the bedroom and the rest of the house, I recall the very highly satisfying sensation of feeling the weight and comfort of my breasts slightly bouncing in partnership with the placement of my heels, and the jiggling of a sparkling set of “ear candy” was another tiny reminder of femininity. Any guesses on how many reminders was have mentioned so far. I have no estimate DO YOU?

Likewise, when you catch a small glimpse of your lingerie or feel the smoothness of the material or catch a residual aroma of this morning’s perfume and powder another reminder. Collectively all these are constant reminders of your inner femininity and your ability to present your femininity is a rainbow of color, styles to suit your mood and the occasion.

woman tilting head showing FemininityBefore closing out this inquiring and personal survey, there are a few other reminders to be added such as using both hands to position our hair off the back of the neck to hook the necklace clasp, or to use fingers to move your hair back over each ear as you secure the shining jewels of shimming ear drops. Another is delicately picking up the tea cup or coffee mug with both hands and delicate taking a sip and lolling the refreshing liquid around in your mouth.

Another is the casual glance at the cover of New Beauty and exchange smiles with the model on the cover – your friend – Mandy Moore. Another is the typical – natural female standing pose with the left hip offset while moving one strand of hair from your face with the right hand and head titled -All perfectly female and with a decidedly wonderfully feminine feeling.

Another is strutting across the parking lot with the buttocks tucked back and left/right swing of your hips accentuating the female movement with the gentle bounce of the breasts. Individually each a wonderful sensation and even more wonderful when they are sensed as an entire coordinated package.

Several conscious gestures occur unconsciously as part of the make-up process such as gently smoothing foundation around the lower eye area to conceal those tiny wrinkles or eliminating that slight errant fleck of lipstick which departed the proper outline.

women-looking-at-dressesOf course, one of the special joys of being a Girl is searching trough a rack of dresses, blouses or skirts with abandon and selecting several and heading for the fitting room to see which of these potential treasures will set your heart and imagination a little, or gloriously on fire. A parallel thrill can be in store when picking out a host of new lingerie to pair with that new outfit or outfits particularly if it is for a special occasion

Dinner, stage show or a girl friend’s birthday or engagement party. Just as the selection, donning and the wearing of these various and special items provides a variety of special feminine sensations, so also does the Red-Silk-Satin-Nightgowns-Slip showing Femininityslowly shedding (in front of a mirror) of the outwear and carefully rehanging it. Then glimpsing the remaining female that is me standing there in heels and all the normal unseen finery we call lingerie while still in full makeup and perfume. Wonderful to carry the image as far forward as possible, perhaps slipping into a lounging outfit or slinky sleepwear or simply pursue the act of returning all the delicate undergarments to their special resting place. Of course, surrendering the “Heels” to their show spot is another important last-minute task. Each of these measures is another reflection of your inner femininity.

In closing this exploration of Gentle Reminders of Femininity, here are a few sayings that JEFF FOXWORTHY the comedian might make at this point.

If you like the feel of bare legs and the caress of a skirt around your knees you might be exhibiting signs of your inner femininity

. If you have a near compulsion to wash your hands at the slightest excuse you might be exhibiting signs of your inner femininity.

If you can unabashedly walk into a Hair or Make-up Saloon you might be exhibiting signs of your inner femininity. (Wonderful Go For It!)

If you can admire a piece of jewelry in a high and ask to try it on you might be exhibiting signs of your inner femininity. (Why not You may be buying it!)



Marie Greene shows her Femininity in this artful pose


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