Marie Is Princess Dragomiroff – A Glorious Finale

Marie Is Princess Natalia Dragomiroff

Marie Greene as Marie Is Princess Dragomiroff

What you chose to wear is an expression of not only who you are but more importantly how you feel and want to be viewed.

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year (2018) a club I frequent held their Halloween Gala this preceding Saturday night.  The crowd was very small, perhaps less than 40 Celebrants, considerably less than the normal attendance of 200 or more.  As in the previous three years Marie assumed the role of Welcoming Host and Guest Photographer not only at annual Halloween celebration but also at the New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day Galas given at the Club.  For some unfathomable reason this Adventure was different for Marie.  In previous events Marie presented as Wonder Woman, Play Boy Bunny, etc. and an Irish Lord or the Earl of Locksley (Robin Hood).  Each was enjoyable and fun. 

Princess Dragomiroff played by Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins and Wendy Hiller

Princess Dragomiroff played by Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins and Wendy Hiller

This year Marie chose Princess Dragomiroff of Murder on the Orient Express as the Welcoming Character.  All previous outfits were based on commercial costumes and although they looked and carried off the character well they did not convey any Inner Character Spirit.  This year there was no commercial costume available so Marie and her Girl Guide decided to experiment with a genuine early 1900’s Ladies Cocktail Dress that had resided in the Girl Guide’s Wardrobe for many years.  After Marie wiggled into it and special pleasant feeling joy flowed through our GAL the decision was made.  Some small repairs were required due to the age of the material, however Marie’s dressmaker – a superior seamstress – was able to affect the delicate repairs.

When donning all previous outfits there was a glow of satisfaction with the fit and the final look, however this outfit conveyed a different aurora right from the beginning – a genuine feel of an ethereal inner femininity.  The feeling was reminiscent of the special feeling that engulfed Marie three months earlier when Marie when was modeling a Wedding Dress for the vignette titled Joyous Event about a Bridal Shower. However, as Marie was to discover later it also had almost a magical sensuality about it that imparted or aroused pure femininity in the wearer to the delight of our Marie.  Let me attempt to describe not only the dress but the entire outfit from the skin outward.  The dress was apparently designed for a tall slim woman and in the vogue of the time the bust was suppressed and not accentuated as a female hallmark.  Similarly, bare arms and plunging-neck lines were the style. Think of something between the era of the romantic Titanic and high energy of the Flapper craze neither of which did not highlight a slim waistline another characteristic of the times. 

Judi Dench and Marie Greene as Princess Dragomiroff

The color pallet was subdued as was typical of the era.  Overall the dress and the accessories exhibited an image of an upscale “Classy Lady” of the period of the times. Totally different from today’s “Color and Flash” but it conveyed a slightly impervious as well as imperial look and image.

The dress foundation was a black-near full length silk under slip- terminating two feet above the ankle hemline.  The outer material was light-weight-thin-semi-see-through fabric with an intricate and delicately stitched interwoven floral design made with a combination gold and silver thread.  Two other features were a nine inch “V” shaped plunging neckline and eight flowing 20-inch black net panels in the lower skirt allowing for and accentuating the normal feminine flash of the leg from the knee down.

In a purposeful effort to maintain the full feminine style of the era, we chose black lingerie panties, matching brassiere and a lace trimmed half-slip. Black nylon hose and black Turkish Mode “Boat style” soft Corinthian leather 2 ½ inch heel shoes almost helped to compose the look. Next came accessories.  Our first choice was a black window dotted drape necklace which extended from the neck down to not quite the full “V” of the décolleté. 

The initial choice for a purse was a black pearl hard-shell Opera style with a long gold shoulder chain which would have matched the style of the times and the shoes perfectly; however, with a bow to modern practicality – the cell phone, wallet, car keys, compact, lipstick and perfume Marie chose a larger black handbag that had a special accent element, a large embossed White “M” which supported both Princess Marie and our own modern Marie (Marie Anne Greene). This particular handbag also had a sentimental value as it was an earlier gift to Marie from Phoebe, our Girl Guide who now is more appropriately called Dream Maker.

Want to see the authenticity of Marie’s Princess Dragomiroff costume, then read Fashion on the Orient Express onTasi’s blog

After a warm relaxing shower which included a scrub by a fragrant body wash-soaked futon, and a deep glycolic face cleansing and neck rub. All of this effort complimented an earlier two hours of nail preparation.  Marie had developed a great Girl to Girl repour with a Nail Care Professional and once the nature of the impending adventure was exposed accompanied by displaying a photo of “Wonder Woman” an extra degree of conspiratorial girl fun and care was taken with both the Pedi and Manicure.  The Manicure was upgraded after soaking, cuticle edging, and buffing with the use of a combination of a White and Pink polish to affect an almost glowing light pink sheen which was subtle, eye catching and delicately feminine.

Now back to the point where Marie exits the shower with her torso wrapped in an oversized pink Lamb’s wool towel.  A perfect cover up for a lady.  Next came a few quick brush strokes through the short gray-white pixey cut crown Marie had adopted and was in keeping with the hair styles of that by-gone era.  Once dry and comfortably warm Marie dropped the towel and stepped into the black lace panties and guided them up and over her hips where they being just a tad small snuggly encased Marie’s shapely caboose.  The matching lace, gossamer style brasserie followed, gently cupping Mare’s 36B breasts.  Next the black half-slip was added to the lady’s ensemble followed by carefully rolling on “Barely Black” thigh high hose, foregoing the garter belt typical of the time. We could not find one that Marie and Dream Maker liked and felt was appropriate – the snaps would ruin the line of the skirt and was discarded.  A girl just has to adjust to the modern world occasionally.

Next came the creation of the perfect, or near perfect facial image of that era supported with just a touch of modern color artistry. Normally for an occasion such as this Marie would have called on the magic of Jo Anne her Merle Norman cosmetologist.  Alas Joanne had absconded for a week or so and was on a fall cruise to New England, so the chore became a self-help endeavor.  Marie began the process with a deep facial cleanser, then toner, moisturizer, liquid gold foundation, blusher, an ultrafine dusting powder that was brushed on. This was followed by a light rose tinted eye liner and deep black double coated mascara and a touch of black/brown eye brow pencil to add extra impact to Marie’s green eyes.  And not forgetting and seeking a slightly more dramatic impact Marie applied on a Purple Taupe eye shadow on the lower portion of the eye lid and added some contrast with a whitish cream eye shadow called ICE applied by her pinkie finger to the upper lid.  In the same manner, Marie preserved the desired portrait by using a fine misting spray to the dusting powder to set the full picture.

You ask what is missing?  Just the right choice of a creamy Lip color.  Marie chose a red under coat topped with a juicy looking pink.  Another plus was the sweet fragrance given off by this combination.  Lastly was a thin application of a pink lip gloss.  (Probably not available at the turn of the century, but a Girl is allowed to use all the tools available to enhance her inner femininity and external presentation.  Do you not agree?)

Now to frame and accent this portrait a pair of black and silver antique Earrings which complemented the Black Window style “V” necklace.  Marie’s Diamond engagement was slid on the 2nd finger of the left hand while a small black oval ring with an image of the lady’s profile from an earlier era adorned the left pinky finger while a larger elongated array of diamond chips set off the 2nd finger of the right-hand.  A similarly diamond chip studded lady’s watch wrapped the right wrist.  A final touch of the era was a fashionable set of eye glasses graduated tricolor lens.  Overall of these elements combined to provide an image of stately and timely grandeur.

Lastly, two more wardrobe additions were dictated by the weather as well a touch of style.  The first a waist length, three-quarter length cashmere shrug and a black-and-white checkered Sarape.  The former was more stylishly dictated and while the Sarape, although also stylish was particularly practical while walking from the far edge of the windy parking area to the Club entrance. 

Upon entering the Club received a hearty “Thumbs Up” from the Manager and after depositing the “Marie” handbag and Sarape behind the Welcome Counter Marie pinned her “Guest Photographer and Character Identification Badge” on the dress bodice and began to circulate capturing dropping off a “Costume Comment” sheet and taking pictures of the guests table by table for later presentation by the Management to the Guests.

After completing this first circuit, Marie approached a table with four nicely coiffured pixie cuts white-haired women guests and politely asked if she could join them.  After a brief hesitation the answer was YES and a fifth chair was pulled into the circle of femininity.  A round of highly complementary remarks on “Marie’s” presentation ensued from all four of the ladies.  After a few minutes of this pleasant line of enquiry one of the ladies rose from her chair on the opposite side of the table and came around to where Marie was seated, squatted down and in a low but pleasant voice and after voicing additional and highly complementary remarks not only on Marie’s attire and Make-Up but her carriage and womanly comportment.  This was followed by a series of typical introductory questions:  Where are you from? Do you live near here? How long have you been living here? Etc.  One of the most active of the four leaned over and whispered in Marie’s ear that she had two sons and they were both gay and asked if Marie was Gay, Transgender or in transition. Marie answered promptly and in the negative.  At that point Marie had to resume her photo duties as the costume competition was about to start and Marie excused herself took up a position near the dance floor to photograph the competitions.

Once the costume competitors were introduced and the judges made their choice, of first, second and third place, the microphone was opened to a half dozen Kari Okie Singers.  The songs varied in theme but all the voices were excellent and enlivened the audience.  Once the Judges made their choices and an encore from the first and second singers was concluded, the DJ opened the dance floor to audience requests.

The first request was from a chorus of vivacious female voices which erupted from Marie’s former table mates. Within one minute the PA system began broadcasting very lively Line Dance number.  Just as Marie was about to retire for a few minutes of rest and a drink, both of her wrists were seized by two of my former tablemates while a third gently pushed her forward at the waist and firmly guided her into the center of the forming line of jubilant women some in costume while other were wearing anything from jeans to cocktail dresses.  All were laughing and trying to get into “Cinc” with the music and movement of hips and heels. With this assembly now in motion the hall erupted in a chorus of hand clapping and foot stopping.  With no other choice and inwardly filled with the joy of enjoying this definitely female behavior Marie fell into step with almost full abandonment.

After the music stopped Marie’s captives did not let her return to the Welcome Counter but steered her to their table which now featured a bottle of Champagne and four long stem glasses.  More girl dialogue ensued which included compliments of Marie’s dance moves, graceful twirls and her ability to navigate in heels.  After offering a toast to the Girls of Table Seven after which two of the group left the table heading for the Ladies Room.

Marie was rescued from the Table Seven vixens by the head waitress who said the Club Manager needed to speak to Marie who took the opportunity to bid her the remaining table mates Thank You for the hospitality, the Bubbly and the compliments and began gathering-up the camera, her handbag and the Sarape.  With all these in her hands she was suddenly smothered by warm hugs and kisses on her cheeks.  It all felt gloriously wonderful and womanly. Thus, ended Marie’s duties for the night.

As Marie was walking to the car, the strains of a “Slow Dance” flooded out of the Club and across the Patio and through the forest of twinkling lights that festooned the arbor.  The soft music brought back memories and a momentary dream of slowly gliding around one tiny corner of the dance floor in the arms of a gentle partner.  The thought was heart thumping but ever so fleeting for Princess Dragomiroff had come to life again but for a brief time.

The twenty-five-minute drive back home was accomplished uneventful with the cool fresh midnight air infiltrating the car through the open driver’s window gently wafting the remnants of the MN perfume “Hussy” from her décolletage to her welcoming nostrils.

After parking the car and while walking Puppy Dog, Marie began playing the events of the evening through her mental VCR and enjoying the memories of the Line dance, then her forceable invitation to join the GIRLS at their table and sample the “Bubbly” but most of all the unsolicited but warm hugs and kisses.

After tucking Puppy Dog into her bed, Marie not wanting the adventure to end decided to extend it as long as possible.  Carefully shedding the Sarape and the Shrug and hanging them in their proper places, Marie then sat on the edge of the bed and bending over pealed the very comfortable Turkish heels off and carefully rolled the black thigh highs down and over her freshen manicured and colored pink “tootsies”.

Next glided back into the bathroom and facing the “Marie Mirror” took off the earrings, (massaging the ear lobes). Then the necklace and the bracelets. Each of these small steps reminded her of the joys of being a GIRL. Next reaching behind her neck she unhooked the Dress clasp and began sliding the zipper downward. Upon reaching a mid-point transitioned to the other hand and slid the zipper all the way down, then carefully holding the “special” dress stepped out of it and returned it to its cushioned hangar in the walk-in closet.

Standing there Marie, next stepped out of the half slip and briefly appraised the image presented in the mirror noting how natural the womanly shape reflected back appeared, including the raise of the bra enclosed breasts, slim waist and the roundness of the caboose when viewed in profile.  Marie promptly made another extension decision to continue this adventure of glorious femininity. Shedding the panties and bra, a quick shower, a dusting of talc, then donning fresh panties and bra slid into silk pink and white PJs and matching Bed Slippers concluding this decidedly and uniquely feminine nightly ritual with the application of facial and neck night creams and a quick spritz of perfume.

A short trip to the frig and retrieval of a glass of water, then back to the bedroom, turned down the quilt, kicked off the slippers and swiveling on her butt Marie lifted and tucked her legs (manicured pink toes and all) under the cool polished sheets, turned the table lamp off, then laid her head on the perfumed pillow, and collecting her now shoulder length mane rolled over on her right side and hugged her oversized pillow totally content and relaxed quickly dozing off theoretically ending this Marie Adventure.

I say “theoretically” because the next day there was a postscript when Marie after having the evening photos printed drove out to the Club to drop them off with the Club Manager.  After this brief exchange the senior Wait Staff, Kathy a woman who had been working at the Club since it opened seven years previously, motioned to Marie she wanted to talk.  After, some concluding the brief chat with the Club Manager, Marie sought out the woman.  She was found in one of the Private Rooms setting up for a small family evening event.  After closing the door to achieve some privacy, Kathy said she had been approached individually by many of the women guests who provided their opinion of Marie’s presentation and participation in the evening’s festivities and she thought I would like to know these opinions.  She also said Princess Marie had received comments on the “Costume Comment” sheets.  Both of these disclosures were a surprise to Marie.

First of all, acting as the Nurse she once was, she stated the comments were a surprise to her and noted all were not only favorable but most highly favorable.  She then began going through the “Sheets”.  The most unusual and totally unexpected but highly pleasing to his Girl was a one praising the Princess’s smooth complexion and application of make-up.  Quite a shocker! There were at least six queries and comments on the authenticity of the Princess’s dress. There were many complements for the overall presentation, including the graceful carriage as the Princess was moving from table to table and encouraging the guests to smile and cozy up to their table mates. Lastly there were a few comments (questions) – Who was the person behind the Princess – A women or guy? Very hard to tell – Great job either way! 

This little “Show and Tell” concluded Marie Anne’s 2018 Halloween Experience and was a quiet but heart warming and Glorious Finale to this Marie Adventure. 

Marie Greene as Princess Dragomiroff

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