Megan – A Bad Day As Megan Beats a Good Day At Work


Left my home around 10:30 and was to meet the other ladies between 11:30-12:30. As I traveled South on Peachtree Industrial Blvd, I had noticed a full service carwash. Only visited a car wash a few times and it is always interesting. But this time it would be during work hours and that is always concerning who I may run into. For whatever reason this day I was just not concerned. The attendant had ask me what wash I wanted and told him, he gave me my stub and opened the door for me.

Sitting down in the waiting area there was an older lady sitting beside me, she was about 60ish. Very polite and engaging in conversation, mostly about the magazine she was reading. But I honestly just agreed with what she said, because did not really have an opinion one way or another.

Megan at the hotelAfter sometime I could not tell if she read me or not, if she did read me she was very tolerant. The clerk alerted me that my jeep was ready and I paid for the wash. For some reason I had to know one way or another if the lady read me or not. I reached into my pocket book and handed her a calling card with Megan’s information on it. She looked at the card really closely and smiled saying “ I had no idea “. She was smiling from ear to ear feeling she had been fooled.

On to the Hotel to meet the other ladies, Phoebe, Christine and a new girl name Brenna were waiting at the hotel for me to arrive. Phoebe had suggested we do lunch at Hooters off Holcomb Bridge Road, we all thought it was a splendid idea. Loaded up the Phoebe wagon and off to Hooters we go.
The hostess seated us for five as we heard that Valerie would join us shortly. Our waitress April attended to our drink orders quickly. Valerie arrived shortly after we received appetizers and our drinks. After receiving our lunch our waitress came and talked with us for a little while.

Megan and Breanna

Megan and Breanna

I had to excuse myself to the restroom did my business and when I sat down realized that my skirt was tucked into my pantyhose. Good thing I was wearing a long shaker sweater that covered me pretty good and I was the only one that noticed. Our waitress was still sitting at our table and I inquired if they sold the tights at the store. They typically are in a machine but did not see them. She said yes they are in the last stall in a machine. Another trip to the restroom on a hooter hose run

We settled our checks and Phoebe needed to make a stop at Kroger. Brenna and I agreed we needed to pick up some Valentine cards. Which was a fun little excursion; they were lots of people viewing the cards. There was a lady to my left heard me say the card has to say “ to my wife “, she kind of looked our way with the perplexed look.

The title references a statement I frequently use, a bad day out and about dressed as Megan beats a good day at work. When it’s a great day as Megan it’s ever better.

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